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    Kolsch/Orange peel question

    I have a Kolsch in primary. Fermenting around 62 degrees. It will be ready to rack to secondary in about 10 days. I am getting sent to Israel in a couple days(for two months), so a brewing friend has agreed to rack it to secondary for me. I had intended to put 4 oz of orange zest into...
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    [RANT] Unruly Dogs Off-Leash

    Household ammonia in a squirt gun. Worked on my paper route when I was nine.... works on my neighbors dogs when I'm fifty..... just make sure you hit them in the nose......
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    Stir plate throws the bars

    The stir bar seems to "auto center" when I drop it in. Alot of time was spent making sure the flask is centered to the fan magnet I have to 1/2 inch (about) rare earth magnets spaced about 1/2 inch apart. On top of those I have a hard drive magnet which is the strongest little magnet I...
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    Stir plate throws the bars

    I can't get my stir plate to work, always throws the bars. I have two rare earth magnets, polarity opposite mounted to the fan. I have three sizes of bars, from 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch. I use a oring on the bars to help with spinning. I have a 2 liter flask and am planning on making a 2...
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    Stinky $1 fermenter

    I use a plastic 12 gallon barrel to ferment in. It held powdered fruit flavoring in its former life. After cleaning it with bleach and FILLING it with vinegar and letting it sit for a month, it still knocks your head off when you take the lid off after its been sitting empty for a while...
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    Happy Cherries!

    Thinking of doing something like that with black cherries and a porter. Any reason why you didn't split the cherries and take the stones out? Won't the stones give an astrigent/tannin flavor to the beer? just a fruit noob...lookin for answers
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    So, I dropped a hot dog bun into my boiling wort...

    I'd say no harm done. Last Thursday I brewed up 10 gallons of my house beer. An extract fat tire clone. When I strained the steeping grains I didn't notice the three earwigs under the rim of my strainer. At least I fished three out of the now boiling brew. Isn't the first time that...
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    Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy

    Very good friend of mine had a snip job after his 4th kid was born. 11 months later his wife gets pregnat. divorce was in progress, when he finally was persuaded to get tested, and lo....his swimmer fu was strong. Because of that, my wife and I both got clipped after our 4th, which was 15...
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    Things to do when drinking

    Just curious, but why doesn't a Mod lock these type threads, then? nip it in the bud, so to speak
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    sweet cherries.....are they worth using?

    I make jam with those. pretty good stuff..... I also made some mead with them. Used about 4 lbs in the ferment, 4 lbs in secondary. Been in tertiary for 8 months now, won't bottle until October, so won't know what it tastes like till then.
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    Fresh pressed apple juice

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    Fresh pressed apple juice

    Thinking of making a cyser with the fall apple crop coming up. Since fresh pressed juice isn't clear, in fact its opaque, how do I go about making a clear apple mead? Going to do 3 gallons 9 lbs orange blossom hunny mead yeast yeast food
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    How to Roast a Whole Pig

    GIS "Lords Acre Days" in the little, itty, bitty town of Powell Butte, Oregon. Not sure if they still even have it, but 30 years ago it was a very big deal. They would take entire steers, somewhere around ten of them and do each steer in a pit. Well over a thousand people would show...
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    Cat owners. Let's talk litter boxes.

    Open front door Place cat on doorstep Close door Open back door, exit and close door Do not return to premises for three weeks Problem solved
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    Gonna be a Dad!

    BM nailed that one..... Unless you dad was an alky drug abusing wife will find that you are doing just as he did...and you turned out Ok, right? Never has RDWAHAHB been more appropriate.....