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    Best pumpkin ale kit?

    I was cruising around the internet HBS looking for a pumpkin ale kit to get going on for fall. While NB didn't have one (that I found), MW and AHS each had one, but it looks like the recipes are very different. MW's has brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg; while AHS's has cinnamon, nutmeg, mace...
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    Attention All Extract Brewers - Harsh Bitterness and Aftertaste

    Just for the record, what does "RO" stand for?
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    Yeast ..... smack pack vs pitchable tube?

    Wyeast markets two smack packs, the Propagator and Activator. The Propagator is designed to make a starter with, and the Activator is designed to be pitchable without a starter. So the Wyeast Activator and White Labs Pitchable Tube are similar products, where they can be pitched from packaging...
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    Want to try a porter.

    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald or Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter
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    great beer songs

    My two favorite drinking/bar songs are "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer and "The Old Apartment" by Barenaked Ladies
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    hook & ladder brewing co. & Southern Tier brewing

    Really? I think it tastes like sewer... one of my least favorite beers. Creme Brulee and Pumking are two of my favorites... I find Southern Tier very hit and miss (for example: Raspberry Porter, incredible. Raspberry Wheat... not so much.)
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    The greatest beer reviewer ever!

    This guy is a comedy goldmine, and not just due to his ignorance of beer. His delivery is actually fairly decent.
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    Homebrew Co-op Club

    I don't live in Ohio, but what a cool idea. I hope you can get going with it, it sounds interesting.
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    Help me choose a beer for my wedding rehearsal dinner

    I'm getting married on September 19th, and my parents are throwing the rehearsal dinner at their golf club the night before. They are having it catered by a local BBQ place and my mom asked me to choose the beer. She knows I'm a beer aficionado, and won't like or drink BMC if they get it, so...
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    New need some help brewing beer

    You should take a sample out of the pail with a sanitized wine thief or turkey baster, add it to a test tube, and take your hydrometer reading in that. However, in addition to that... ignore your instructions and leave it in the pail for 2 weeks (or more, some say 3 weeks, some say 4, I say at...
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    Beer for a beer hater.

    I started a lot of people with Blue Moon and Magic Hat #9 (and Ithaca Apricot Wheat), and moved on from there.
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    How Old Are You People?

    25, 26 in 2 months.
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    Yeast Starters

    I do mine in a cup of 90 degree water and toss in a Carb Tab to proof it.
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    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    the restaurant
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    What to do in Pittsburgh?

    Then eat. Given the opportunity, that's what I would've done.