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    Glosan & I-O-Safe

    I posted this question in Eq and Sanitization but didn't get the answers I was hoping for. I am looking for people with personal experience with these products. Thanks in advance for your help. My local Brew Supply has these two for cleaning and sanitizing. I have been using Super Grunge...
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    Glosan & I-O-Safe

    My local Brew Supply has these two for cleaning and sanitizing. I have been using Super Grunge Cleaner and BTF Iodophor. Any thoughts or suggestions on which cleaners and sanitizers are the most economical and efficient.
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    Taps - CO2 vs. Nitro

    Hey all, Just bought a 3 tap tower with brass 2 brass taps and 1 brass plated tap. One is a genuine Guiness tap. One is a genuine Bass tap. The other is a brass plated nitrogen tap similar to the Guiness. Below are the questions. 1) Can I use them all with CO2 (I don't make...
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    Kegerator - Frozen Keg

    Hey all, Just bought a used DCS Outdoor Kegerator. It is awesome. I went away on business for a couple of days and it got real cold in town in the 20's and my keg froze. I am trying to figure out if this is a problem with the Kegerator or normal in cold weather. Any help will be appreciated.
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    B.I.T.O.A. wort chiller

    The guy wants $40.00 for it. Isn't the Shiron $200.00. Live in Seattle, cold water is not a problem. Thanks for the info.
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    B.I.T.O.A. wort chiller

    Anyone ever heard of or used a B.I.T.O.A. wort chiller (Brewing is the only answer wort chiller) made in Seattle, WA. I can buy one used and want to switch from a immersion wort chiller to a counter flow or plate. This one has a PVC tube that houses a copper coil. Has a thermometer to monitor...
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    Hops - Questions about Rhizomes

    So I need a little clarification. Thanks in advance. When I go to cut the rhizomes... 1) How do I identify where to cut? 2) How long of a length? 3) How do I cut without killing or disrupting the growth of the existing plant. 4) Any other...
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    Hops - Questions about Rhizomes

    This summer I got hops from 3 different plants. I have been offered to take rhizomes. Here are my questions. Thanks in advance for any help. Bill. 1) When should I cut the rhizomes now or in the spring? 2) Identifying sex. Male or Female. How? Does it matter? 3) Can I cut...