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    Homebrew Talk Super Awesome Happy Funtime Giveaway

    @TxBrew Thanks for the hard work! Here's my first ever brew on my brew stand. I've got about 20 brews in since this was taken.
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    American Pale Ale Sunshine Rye Pale Ale

    I decided to go with Cascade/Amarillo/Simcoe. I'm replacing each 2 oz Galaxy addition with a 3 oz addition of that combo. I don't think IBUs will be an issue since they're whirlpool/dry hop only. The original recipe gets no IBUs from Galaxy.
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    80 gallon batch help

    This thread is awesome. What are you planning to brew 80 gallons of?
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    American Pale Ale Sunshine Rye Pale Ale

    The 2 closest homebrew shops to me don't have Galaxy. I may be able to check the other shops, but they're a bit of a drive. I have Citra hops, but I just kegged a Citra/Mosaic DIPA so I don't want to have 2 Citra beers on. What hops have others tried with this beer that worked well? I was...
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    home depot bucket to hold bag?

    I suggest one of these. It is 10.25 x 10.25 x 9. You'd just need to come up with something to set underneath it, perhaps an upside down colander...
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    Help me decide what to brew

    I'm having some trouble deciding what to brew next. Lately, I only brew super hoppy IPA/DIPAs, big imperial stouts and flavored beers (coffee stout, pumpkin ale, spiced winter warmer). I'm trying to break my norm for my next 2 brews. I have a big 9% DIPA that used 20oz of hops I will be kegging...
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    Sunday Morning

    Brewing an 8% DIPA with 15 oz of hops this morning. Struggled with my mash temp because it's so cold out, but it turned out alright. Getting ready to sparge now.
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    Fermenting too hot?

    75 is not too cool to pitch yeast. You should ideally be pitching your yeast at 62-65 for that yeast and fermenting at the same temp.
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    Brewer's Best Pumpkin Porter Question

    What were your hydrometer readings?
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I brewed a Coffee Stout this morning. Well right now it's just a stout, adding whole beans to primary after fermentation. Target OG was 1.069, I ended up at 1.067.
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    Beer gun vs tap

    I don't keep the bottles around for very long, but I only ever fill bottles with tubing. I purge them with CO2 first, so while I haven't tested it I'd bet they'd keep for quite a while.
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    Bucket or carboy primary

    Buckets here as well. I stocked up on carboys in my first couple years of brewing. They only get used for long term aging now.
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    Brewer's Best Pumpkin Porter Question

    Do yourself a favor and throw the kit instructions away. Pick up a copy of How to Brew by John Palmer. It has much better information and explains the reasoning behind each step. Instructions that tell you to measure your fermentation by time are just plain wrong. The airlock bubbling does not...
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    Coffee Stout Recipe Input

    I'm planning to brew this Sunday morning. I'm going for a somewhat sweet base beer balanced by a good level of slightly bitter coffee flavor. The FG is calculated at 1.021 based on 70% attenuation from the S-04, but I'm guessing it will be more like 1.016-1.018. I didn't split up the base malt...