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    cryo hops/lupulin powder dry hopping question

    I have not but talked to a few pro brewers who have used it. Seems like they are liking it more as a dry hop or a combination of a dry hop then stand alone. May want to think of a combination normal pellet hopping schedule on the hot side and incorporate the powder on cold side. I guess the...
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    Stainless Steel Carboy Dry Hop Tubes

    I have those and really find them easy to use vs bag or just throw them in. I have a small one like you linked to through in some hops during active fermentation in my fermentor. I normally transfer to a keg for dry hopping and can fit a much larger mesh tube in a corny keg opening. That way I...
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    Travelling to the US, opinions on best beers to try!

    If you are going to Glenwood and like sour beers one of the best in the US is right down the street from you. Hit up Casey Blending and Brewing, amazing fruited/hopped sours. The liquor stores there should be plenty stocked up on Odd13 and Melvin as well as lots of others just ask the staff for...
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    20 gallon kettle a good size for 10 gallon single vessel batches?

    Carts are definitely the way to go. Can wheel mine to the hoist to pull the grain bag then out to driveway for the boil.
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    20 gallon kettle a good size for 10 gallon single vessel batches?

    I use a 20 G for 5 G and 10 G BIAB. It works well, if I had a temp probe installed in the hole I have for one it would be covered by water for either. Like you said just limited on how high you can go on the 10 G batches. Last brew was 1056 and had no issues with fitting all the grain and liquid...
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    Colorado Denver bottle shops

    Denver's pretty big but Mr. B's if your downtown or stapleton. Small Batch, by the stadium as well. Applejack's if you are out on I70. South Denver already mentioned above.
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    Shipping to competition

    FedEx Ground just started charging dimensional weight in the past few months before only Express did so that is why it happened last time. Now pretty much any mode you get hit with dims. If you create a Fedex account you get a small discount and can make labels at home. That way your box is...
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    AB acquired Wicked Weed

    My guess is the original investor (who were wealthy) wanted to cash out more than Luke and Walt wanted to but who knows. Kind of like Elysian where 2 of 3 wanted out. As long as quality doesn't change I am okay with seeing taps of theirs in the big chains.
  9. FoCobrewguy

    All Brettanomyces Claussenii Beer Design

    This does sound great and what I was thinking of doing but with Sac Trois. May need to try a batch with Brett as well.
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    Random pro brewing Conan yeast question

    Oh and if you were to get your own culture going from something you bought you can send to a lab for isolation and they can build it back up for you. Pretty much what they are already doing though so don't see the value add there. Say you are a wild brewer with a Koelship and want to see what...
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    Random pro brewing Conan yeast question

    You can buy Conan type yeast from Yeast Banks on the commercial side as well. Most the Wyeast and White Labs stuff that is offered to homebrewers can be bought on the commercial scale (5 gallon pitches). You could buy a pitch and keep your own culture going or just continue to buy pitches as...
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    I need help with gift for my brother (beerlover), any ideas?

    If you do decide to do one of the maps in the future I have one and they are nice. I would recommend the metal one though as the wood is cut to only the standard cap size. Some of my favorite breweries (Jester King) use bigger 29mm caps that won't fit and is a bummer. Also, some other ideas in...
  13. FoCobrewguy

    ISO: The Veil FT: Casey, Black Project, CO beers

    Hello Looking for a VA local that may be willing to set up a trade for some The Veil and maybe a few other local brews. I know their anni is happening this weekend so was looking for a mixed 6 pack from what is being released. If not would be interested in just future weekly releases. I...
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    Whirlpool obstacles

    Fill a bucket with water from the run off of using the IC than add a little star san and you got a "Vat of star san". I do it every brew day just to have sanitizer around and to clean things up when I am done. I 5 gallon bucket should fit your IC fine. Even if you are just lowering to 170...
  15. FoCobrewguy

    Between Brews: Mounting and Motorizing Your Grain Mill

    Have any pictures of the actual wiring. Have the same motor just trying to figure out how to wire. I know there is a diagram but an image of how it is all wired into the switch would help me put it all together.