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    clearing floaties

    Honestly, I don't know how to get rid of floaties once they are in the bottle. I just drink it - which grosses out some people. For me, its easier to throw a grip of Irish moss into the boil - not a fan of lecitihin, isinglass or other artificial finings. My beers are obviously homebrewed...
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    What is proper way to dry hop?...

    I've had good success with both whole hop leaves in either a grain sock or a stainless sleeve - holds about an ounce... So far, I get great aroma after about a week in the secondary, either bottled or kegged.
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    Need an extract Kolsch Recipe

    I made a decent Kolsch with: 7 lbs. Extra LME 1 packet Nottingham yeast 6 oz. Wheat 6 oz. Vienna 6 oz. 10L Crystal 1 oz. Tettnanger 2 oz. Halletauer 1 oz. Tett - 60 1 oz. Hall - 30 1 oz. Tett. - 10 Kegged after ~ 1 week
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    My first beer (2 years later)

    Interesting. I haven't had any metallic tastes in bottled beers, but the Mrs. and I accidentally killed a Boston Lager clone (done with ale yeast), and it developed a RANCID taste after a couple weeks. It was passible for a while, but then it got hideous - like someone put a couple rank pennies...