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    Interesting German Brewing PDF

    Very interesting topic, and thanks to both the GBF and Brulosophy crews for their efforts on this topic. It is a valid point that the beers sent to triangle tests were dramatically different, though that was the result of the variable (considering the entire LoDO process was a variable)...
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    Interesting German Brewing PDF

    Fascinating topic! Thank you to everyone who did the work behind this paper, even though there is more proof-of-concept that needs to be done this gives me hope. I have a Hofbrauhaus near me, love the lager on tap but hate the price, but I can't quite replicate the freshape unique malt character...
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    Prepping to brew my first BIG beer; Quad

    A big challenge for quads is keeping the drinkability. I'd suggest a 90 minute mash at 150 or the high 140s. As for the sugar additions, adding them after high krausen works well and gives the yeast a chance to acclimate to the complex sugars before binging on junk food!
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    Best commercial Octoberfest?

    I had a Leinenkugels imperial oktoberfest on tap a few days ago. It was very tasty and obviously far more of a malt bomb than traditional. It's part of their Big Eddy series, which are surprisingly very tasty.
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    Where are the good American grains?

    Both those maltsters look amazing. I'm going to have to see if there is anyone doing something similar in my area.
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    Where are the good American grains?

    I get the influence that the big guys have, but look at the hops market. There is huge demand for hops today that never would get a second look for anyone making an adjunct lager. It seems that if a good barley could be grown for even slightly less than a maris otter or continental pilsner malt...
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    Where are the good American grains?

    Has anyone else noticed that there are a bunch of great American hops and even some very nice yeasts, but it seems every respected source of brewing information says that American barley is cardboard/flat tasting compared to European malts. We've got more farmland than just about anywhere in...
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    2014 HBT Hop Harvest Totals

    11 oz centennial dried. I've been surprised every year because they have a strong aroma but it doesn't have the big citrus punch I would have expected. 35.6 total
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    Frustrated...What is my next move?

    Water profiles would be a good place to look, make sure your mash pH is in the right range and that your sulfate levels are at 200-300 ppm. Another thing with hoppy beers in particular is to do everything possible to avoid oxygen pickup, it will definitely mute the hop aromas. If you keg...
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    Truby Comp Results: Drum Roll Please.....

    Congrats on the win. Your blog is great by the way. I've been hearing more often that trub in the fermentation is beneficial which is great because it makes the end of brew day so much easier and faster. The only down side is that the yeast is a bit more challenging to harvest cleanly from the...
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    Free Online Beer Chemistry Course

    Thanks for posting. I've looked for something like this from some of the other online course sites with no luck. I signed up and am looking forward to the class.
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    Filtering? Why no love round here...?

    I've used it many times. Honestly, I still get a little chill haze, especially when using Maris Otter. However, my wife has a gluten allergy and the stuff is pure magic in regards to denaturing the gluten protein. So i'd guess my chill haze is probably caused by something else. I've never used...
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    Additional information from Midwest Supplies

    It's fantastic when a company reaches out and communicates directly with their customers. Especially when it is something serious like this. Thanks Midwest!
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    NB- Credit where credit is due

    No, I ordered a sack of grain (50 lbs) and they sent another 50 lbs free of charge. Not that I have anything against ordering 100 lbs of grain, except shipping would be a killer! :EDIT: You beat me to it!