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    Founders Oatmeal Chocolate/coffee stout..

    I'm pretty stoked to give this a whirl on my brewday Wednesday. I've only had past flavor success with using nibs only in secondary, so for flameout I'll add unsweetened and semi-sweet baker's chocolate and hold off on nibs until secondary again. I cold pressed the coffee for flameout, and...
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    Final gallon does not transfer over with my pump

    I brew outside on a propane burner with a 32-qt (8 gallon) brewpot with a ball valve and I use a PolarWare false bottom. I use a Therminator to cool the wort. In transferring from kettle through Therminator to the fermenter I use a magnetic impeller pump. My problem is that the final gallon...
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    Therminator ??

    I have a Therminator and got some Quick Connect garden hose fittings at the hardware store.
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    How serious are you?

    A wise old man once told me, "I love *****, but I don't want to be a gynecologist." This applies to homebrewing. Strictly a hobby.
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    Belgian Beer Fest!

    There's a pizza place immediately across the street from the Cyclorama entrance. I forget its name, but it was gooooood. And a lot of loud boisterous Italian bandied about.
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Jumped on the bandwagon: 5 gallons resting in a carboy just today. 7768 + 5 = 7773
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