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    Just Starting -- All Grain

    I think I'm going to convert a cooler to the mash tun myself to save a few bucks. Is 5 gallon enough for a 4 keg setup? It seems most 5 gallon kits come with a 5 gallon carboy and 6.5 gallon fermentor -- if I go 10 gallon on the mashtun, I guess I'd need to double those as well? Any other...
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    Just Starting -- All Grain

    wow...thanks for the quick replies. @pariah -- I prefer starting with all grain because its a hobby i've wanted to get into for a while and i know ill eventually be doing it anyway, so why not just get to it and start figuring things out. I had a keezer at my old place for commercial beer. i...
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    Just Starting -- All Grain

    I really like drinking beer and now that I'm settled in a house, I wanted to try my hand at brewing my own. After reading some posts here, I think I want to start with all grain brewing. Are there good resources for places to a kit that will contain everything i need to start brewing? Any...
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    DIY Beer Line Cleaner

    anyone elses sprayer leak at a decent rate when pumping? i used some of that plumbing tape at the joint, but i think i just can't tighten it enough where my fitting meets the plastic part of the sprayer. was wondering if its just me...i mean, it still works and gets 80% of the water/cleaning...
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    Temp and CO2 for weisse

    I haven't quite graduated to making my own beer yet, but have built a kegerator. I was wondering what the ideal temperature and psi is when tapping a beer like Hacker Pschorr Weisse. I think I went too high on the pressure to start off my last keg cause it was pretty foamy, so i want to...