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    We all know it goes great with beer

    I marinate my wings (approx 10 wings with the third little section cut off) in a large ziploc for a day or two in Sirachi (maybe 8 - 10 tablespoons) and a couple dashes of worchestire sauce.... then grill to well done to render as much fat as possible. After plating I drizzle stubs bbq (or...
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    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    I love ROMO and RIVERS getting their due... Rivers contract is a huge waste of money and Romo is a joke :)... hahahaha, watching Dallas and San Diego lose brings me great joy.
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    How soon is too soon too rub your meat?

    TexLaw, I'm with you on that. I don't put rub on my shoulders period, just good old hickory smoke. And I rub my briskets and ribs down just prior to loading them in my smoker. My friend is a fan of the rub and wrap method... then he fridgerates for hours... I have noticed a hammy taste to the...
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    bottling apfelwein

    good point cat, i will let him know of that route as well. thank you!
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    bottling apfelwein

    hahahah, i use 22oz or 24oz beer bottles as well. sierra nevada has 24oz in case you are wondering. having said that, thanks for the info... my friend is a wine guy but enjoyed my apfelwein. so, he was hoping to use what he had on hand to bottle his first batch. i will let him know that wine...
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    bottling apfelwein

    if i were to bottle in standard wine bottles, will the corks hold up to the carbonation?
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    Earthquake in SoCal

    49th??? Damn, now that sucks. I'm on the 8th and the dizzy feeling while sitting in your chair is amazing. The thing I noticed was the vertical blinds swaying and hitting together pretty good. I'm just down the street from LAX.
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    Friend tried a green homebrew...

    hahahaha, LOL.... that is hilarious about the beans and justice was served on the beer!!!!
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    ok, thanks a lot... we'll wait a couple more weeks then.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I bottled my Apfelwein just like beer as I thought I read on this thread... after 2 weeks in the bottle, no carb yet. Any ideas?
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    strawberry extract question

    i have 4oz of brewcraft strawberry extract im going to add to this blonde ale before bottling... do i need to heat to 165?
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    my dad and i like the following: kikoman teriyaki, real butter and some powdered garlic.... heat up enough to melt the butter and use it as a moppin sauce. i flip once, so ill usually hit both sides w/ a basting brush about 3 -4 times.