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    curious traveler shandy

    Anyone else try this. Best store bought Shandy I ever had.
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    SPORTS without CABLE?

    first row is fricken awsome.
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    Sandy in NJ

    Very kind of you. But I'm good. I was wondering if someone here on the site needed help. I have friends in some of the most hardest hit areas so I can get in there. Some towns you can't get into right now.
  4. Firstnten

    Sandy in NJ

    I was one of the lucky ones. My house wasn't damaged. I had some property damage but that was about it. I was prepared I had a generator and food etc. Some of my neighbors not so lucky. Supermarkets around where I live are still basically bare. A strange site. Most surreal thing as was the...
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    Sandy in NJ

    Anyone else here get hammered by Sandy. No power for 11 days. 1/4 my neighborhood washed away and neighboring towns decimated. I feel like I'm living in a bad dream. The 5000+ watt generator is the new flashlight.
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    Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale clone

    I never made it, I made a LHBS kit for a Christmas beer. It came down to money meaning I didn't have enough to make the Fezzi wig.... :(
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    AHS 20th Anniversary Reviews (LME)

    I picked up the lemon wheat how can you pass up the two free glass's. Have not brewed it yet.
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    AHS Imperial Oktoberfest

  9. Firstnten

    AHS Imperial Oktoberfest

    would you consider a regular oktoberfest a bock beer? As per AHS recipes, regular oktoberfest: Fermentable Sugars: Mini-Mash - Liquid: 6 lb Liquid Malt Extract, 2.5 lb Base Grains, 1 lb Specialty Grains. Imperial: Fermentable Sugars: Mini-Mash - Liquid: 9 lb Liquid Malt Extract, 2 lb Base...
  10. Firstnten

    AHS Imperial Oktoberfest

    I brewing a 5 gallon batch today. Anyone try it? results? opinions? Comments? It's a high gravity brew can't wait to taste is come the end of September. Using White labs yeast WLP820:drunk:
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    Magic Hat Vinyl

    This is what I found so far TYPE: Amber Lager YEAST: Lager HOPS: Northern Brewer MALTS: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Victory ABV: 5.1 GRAVITY: 12.00 Plato BITTERNESS: 16 SRM: 12.0 6# Light Extract (LME/DME) 2# 2 Row 10oz Munich malt 8oz Caramel malt 40L 4oz Victory malt How much...
  12. Firstnten

    Magic Hat Vinyl

    anyone have an extract recipe for this beer? Had some the other day and loved it. I can find a clone for it:confused:
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    Making hard lemonade

    Yopper has a recipe for this, where she used a yeast starter. I didn't use the starter. Fermentation got stuck on me a few times, each time I just added another packet of yeast (red star Champagne) it came out really really good is just took forever to completely ferment due to my stupidity and...
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    WLP 840 American Lager Yeast question

    There was some activity this morning very slow very very slow.
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    Ferm wrap out door fermenting

    it's snowing here right now.....