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    Oatmeal Stout Flapjack Breakfast Stout (Chocolate-Coffee-Oatmeal-Maple Imperial Stout)

    I had 10K's Maple Black just last month and am trying to copy it and since the discussion here is about Maple, I thought I would bounce this off of you all. I added real fire reduced maple syrup sourced locally from good friends of mine and it has ALL the mapley goodness you expect BUT in a...
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    Backsweetening with juice - How long after adding campden / carbonate at same time?

    Why add chems when you are chilling it anyway? I just killed a 5 gallon keg of cider that was in the keezer for 6 weeks with no yeast activity after it chilled to 32°F. I can taste both campden and potassium sorbate. YUCK!
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    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    Back to my childhood with Robert Asprin, The Myth Series, I'm on Mything Persons right now.
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    Hard Cider Yeast question.

    Understanding that this is a thread from 2009, I just wanted to add that I am making 2 batches of hard cider using S-05 and will cold crash it at 1.010 or so for sweetness but will use a spunding valve on a corny keg for the CO2 while it is fermenting. Cold crashing also holds the gravity at...
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    How many gallons of Cider in 2016

    5 More, 5 day, sweet cider. YUMMY! 902.5
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    Random Picture Thread

    OK, beat this!
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    Transporting Keg & CO2 Tank

    Yes, just unhook it, carry them back and hook them back up. EZPZ
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    PB2 and Vodka

    Yes, I tried the water and vodka version with the plain PB2 and I got very little flavor with the water and a lot more out of infusing the vokda instead. I just filled the PB2 container up to the top, shook it every time I walked by it and added it to the fermented wort to the secondary. All...
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    Brew days wear me out!

    I'm 50 and I still do double brew days! Common ladies, lets do a triple!!!
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    PB2 and Vodka

    I am using the chocolate PB2 in my next batch and will be using vodka to pull the flavor out of it. Water is OK but somehow, the flavor stays in the PB2 slurry whereas the vodka does this reverse osmosis type thing and the slurry losses its flavor while the vodka takes on the PB2's flavor...
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    Minneapolis Beer and Breweries

    Sorry, cheese heads don't get to answer! :mug:
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    What are you drinking now?

    Cranberry Pomegranate, 9 months old and getting better every day!