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  1. firerat

    Fermenting in igloo mash tun

    I can't think of any reason not to use it.
  2. firerat

    Am I the only one who enjoys bottling?

    I do this on occasion, especially when I get tired of something and want to get another something on tap. I should invest in a beergun.
  3. firerat

    patterns of baldness?

    I think my dad may have been part wookie as I one of those guys that looks like he's always wearing a shirt. The only place I can't seem to grow hair is on top of my head. Thanks nature!! But I do have odd spots of baldness on my legs from sitting in an office chair all day with 2 phones in my...
  4. firerat

    Adding Tang to Beer

    Dat ain't nuttin to F**k wit
  5. firerat

    What do you do when you discover you've added too much water?

    I always keep DME on hand in case things like this happen. But from the options given, I'd boil it down.
  6. firerat

    Am I the only one who enjoys bottling?

    If you like it, cool. I hate bottling but sometime like having bottles instead of kegs on hand as I have a lot refrigerators but only capacity for 4 kegs.
  7. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    Yeah quite a bit of local stuff from some up and coming breweries!! I felt very underprepared as most had cool booths set up and mine was very spartan, but I got great feedback!! I don't know if you ever listen to Home Brew Happy Hour podcast but a few weeks ago they had a Kolsch cup contest...
  8. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    Sorry for the late response. It's at a place called Lauderale Brewery. It's right by the port all the way at the end of 595. A little hard to find but a great little brewery!! Very cool people!!
  9. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    It was great!! Met a lot of really cool people. Didn't place but got a lot of helpful feedback on the 2 beers I brought.
  10. firerat

    What are you drinking now?

    HB cream ale
  11. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    I know I'm a dork but I'm entering my first homebrew competition tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell. It's a bit different in I'm not just bottling a few and having them judged. No this is more of a homebrew festival where I'm bringing a keg and being judged!! I know I sound like a wanker but I'm...
  12. firerat


    This guy is gonna fit right in here. :thumbsup: Welcome aboard!! :mug:
  13. firerat

    Dry storage for grain

    Good lord!! Yeah the vittle vaults would be the better route. I use buckets because I have like 100 and had a bunch of gamma lids already from being a weirdo prepper type. I have a bunch of these too. They hold 5# each...