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    Collecting Culture from My Cats

    For your next project you can culture Deez! :mug: This is your future. I know this has nothing to do with huffing cat piss, but for the life of me I couldn't get this image out of my head. Thank you for ensuring no more work will get done today.
  2. FiddlersGreen87

    Swimmers in Secondary

    You beat me to it. :ban:
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    I Quit Smoking

    Good for you man. I used to dip very regularly, and now I'm so glad I quit. I found something that helped at this stage was to avoid anything that led to a habitual dip afterwards. Sometimes it was as easy as changing my physical location to avoid it, other times I had to actively tell someone...
  4. FiddlersGreen87

    HELP! My landlord is a home-brew hater

    Tell that nosey _____ to educate herself, and watch the documentary called "Breaking Bad." Ignorant wanker. I would also shake someone's hand if they were ostentatious enough to make a big enough batch of meth that warranted a 15 gallon pot in the drive way.
  5. FiddlersGreen87

    HELP! My landlord is a home-brew hater

    All excellent points made here. I'd approach it tactfully. First, set up a time to discuss it with her via in person or over the phone. Email/Voicemails leave one sided mentalities and seldom result in open-minded conversations. Second, approach the conversation with the intent of splitting...
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    Found a bucket after 2 years

    I think this is one of the things that makes homebrewing addictive and obsessive. This beer is practically impossible to replicate. There are so many unique characteristics that it warrants almost a "special event" to even open a bottle. No matter what you do, when it's gone it's gone, and...
  7. FiddlersGreen87

    Found a bucket after 2 years

    2 Things. 1) You posted this gem clearly for encouragement to try it. So suck it up, because posting it here of all places is like making a bet and not following through with it. 2) Since it was in a bucket this long it's probably oxidized to high hell. However, you won't know until you...
  8. FiddlersGreen87

    Bizarre Hydrometer OG Reading

    I hear yah in regards to temp correction. I did the correction and it came out at 1.017 I think from what I remember. Still way off. I mean you are right, hot temps = low readings, but still way more skewed than they should be. Edit - You know the more I've thought about it, maybe my...
  9. FiddlersGreen87

    Bizarre Hydrometer OG Reading

    I brewed an English Mild today, and during the process I checked my Pre-Boil OG on my hydrometer just to see how the mash went. Well I was shocked to get a reading of 1.008. I can't make heads or tails of it. I even tasted the grains, as I usually do, after sparging and if there's any sweetness...
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    Got evicted because of brewing

    With some high end ingredients and an already installed "brew kettle" you'll be able to make some righteous prison hooch...:ban:
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    Winter Wheat Recipe Design Input Please

    I've been kicking around the idea of developing a winter wheat for Christmas. Well after trying Bell's Winter White Ale last weekend, I've decided I definitely need to pursue this. I've started with Campfire Brewing's Winter Wheat recipe as a base. The recipe calls for Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove...
  12. FiddlersGreen87

    Midwest Beer Officianados Beer Recommendations

    No she's not going any further than a few local liquor stores that have decent beer selections. I'd be a terrible son if I asked her to drive 3+ hours each way just to get me a few beers. I'll tell her to keep an eye out for them though if they hit store shelves before Christmas. Bells is...
  13. FiddlersGreen87

    Midwest Beer Officianados Beer Recommendations

    My parents will be coming down from Indiana spending Christmas with my wife and I in Georgia. It's been 5 years since I last lived in Indy. My mom, being the saint that she is, will be bringing me a treasure trove of beers from the Midwest that don't make their way to GA. My question to you...