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    Top up water?

    You aren't over your OG by that much. My calculations suggest you will fall to 1.046 after adding half gallon of water. One quart of water will get you at your target OG. I don't think it would hurt to add water after boiling and cooling, but I personally wouldn't mess with it (though I haven't...
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    Constant recirculation in mash vs other

    I recirculate during the entire mash. My biggest concern of intermittent recirculation through a hotter than necessary HLT coil would be denaturing enzymes as mentioned previously.
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    Big Mouth Bubbler Depth Charge doubles as a hop spider!!!

    The Depth Charge is a product made for Big Mouth Bubbler fermenters for dry hopping or other additions. The fine mesh screen does a great job of keeping the finest of particles out of your beer, making siphoning/raking a much easier process. The mesh screen highly resembles a hop spider, which...