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    Up a Kriek...?

    I took the picture prior to putting wire hoods on them. :P I am disappointed that the only color of wire hoods I could find were gold. Guess there isn't much of a market of variety.
  2. FermentingFreak

    Up a Kriek...?'s done! Letting it settle work really well. I got exactly 5gal. I worried for nothing. I tasted it from the siphon; tastes amazing even uncarbonated. It took me a few bottles to 'dial-in' the corker but I'll use those 'duds' as my sampling bottles. Now...where to store them so...
  3. FermentingFreak

    Up a Kriek...? got on the way and delayed me 3 weeks but I don't think it matters as this has already been sitting a year :P I've been checking the gravity and it seems stable. I moved it to the workspace for bottling tomorrow morning. I tried not to disturb it too much however, some ripples were...
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    Up a Kriek...?'s been just over a year! Preparing to bottle. Any words of advice from the Pros about bottle this Kriek?
  5. FermentingFreak

    Up a Kriek...?

    ...that long huh? Aside from my desire to drink it now, my fear is that the room it's in may get too warm in the summer months...I know it's supposed to be sour but will warmer temps have the same adverse affects as they would on an ale?
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    Up a Kriek...?

    I was planning on bottling it next month but might let it sit a couple more months. I didn't taste it..afraid to disturb it too much. :o
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    Up a Kriek...?

    10 November 2012: My first attempt at a Lambic. I used NB Dawson's Kriek Extract Kit with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend. Followed the recipe; O.G.1.053. 23 November 2012: Racked into Secondary; added an extra can of Cherry Puree. Covered and (tried) to forget about it... 5 January 2013: Lifted...
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    10 February 2013

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    5 January 2013

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    Liquid Yeast + Hot Shipping Conditions =

    Yeast Health Uncertainty...leaving a novice brewer nervous with questions. I gambled (stupidly) and ordered the NB 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA Extract Kit with Wyeast American Ale 1056 online. It just happened to ship during a really hot week and was delivered in the early morning when I was...
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    Need a QUICK answer

    I have had success cooling the wort quickly using an unusual method: freezing water (after boiling) into ice blocks in sanitized zip-locked bags, cutting bags open with sanitized knife and dumping the ice blocks directly into the wort. It took some time to cool but it was effective. Read about...
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    Pitching yeast

    I find myself referring to John Palmer's "How to Brew" site often:
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    First brew. Concerned about OG

    I find myself visiting this page after each brew: :)