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    North Carolina Blichman Top Tier Raleigh

    Details here:
  2. fatguy-littlecoat

    is anyone else fasting for lent?

    wow the mods got a little uptight about my harmless comment :D At this point in my life theres no way i could give up beer for lent! never!
  3. fatguy-littlecoat

    Still Bubbling After 12 Days?

    you are fine, a double IPA needs time, even after the bubbles stop leave it for another week or so.
  4. fatguy-littlecoat

    Still Bubbling After 12 Days?

    huh? really? its not an indication that gas is escaping.. ?
  5. fatguy-littlecoat

    Ugh, low OG.

    a session IPA ;D
  6. fatguy-littlecoat

    First time Saison

    have you thought about using 3711?? ferments colder and is less of a hassle.
  7. fatguy-littlecoat

    mason jars?

    its odd that ive had a few 22's explode and no growlers. My advice to anyone searching for an answer: pressure in any glass vessel isnt safe. 12,22, growler etc. use PET bottles or go the kegging route.
  8. fatguy-littlecoat

    mason jars?

    this is what i used and they are safe up to 2.4 volumes of C02 not these which would most likely burst.
  9. fatguy-littlecoat

    mason jars?

    i continually bottled with growlers (whiskey jugs) for 1.5 years. never ever had a problem, that doesnt sound like russian roullete odds?? ive had 22 oz's go boom a few times. anytime you put pressure in glass its a risk even 12 and 22's. maybe i got extremely lucky i now fill those growlers...
  10. fatguy-littlecoat

    mason jars?

    i call BS, ive carbed various growlers without any problems. they are fine for bottling.
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    What's your favorite Grain Bill for an IPA?

    10lb 2 row 4lb vienna 2lb munich 1lb honey malt .5lb carapils
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    American Pale Ale Kona, Fire Rock Pale Ale (AG Clone)

    i grabbed a 55lb bag at our last group grain buy.. i put it in everything now :D
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    Music Match

    Finding My Way - Rush
  14. fatguy-littlecoat

    Oxygenation Poll

    ill stick to splashing and shaking ;D