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  1. Fatgodzilla

    Music Match

    From Little Things Big Things Grow - Kevin Carmody and many others
  2. Fatgodzilla

    2011 San Diego NHC

    Have booked my conference package and accomodation, so looking forward to a good few days. Also looking for a bit of pre conference drinking. When you guys are organised, can someone tell me where the drinking will be for the two days PRIOR to the conference?
  3. Fatgodzilla

    Are there styles/recipes that are less sensitive to temps for novice brewers?

    Since most brewers have simple equipment mash temps and fermentation temps are sometimes hit and miss. Sure, we can get close by following a few simple rules using simple equipment but really we don't have accurate enough equipment for consistent results (a la commercial style equipment). So...
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    Music Match

    cHERRY cHERRY - Neil Diamond
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    The World Cup Approacheth

    You want to know true football passion, Australia gets eliminated from the World Cup, so we go straight to the top and sack our Prime Minister. No mucking about with sacking coaches or managers or whatever they call them. The ride is over, we can all get back to concentrating on real football...
  6. Fatgodzilla

    How do I get that "real ale" taste?

    There are so many real ales around that each is very different, so no one answer will work for all circumstances. I suggest looking at caramalising some wort to add sweetish flavour and colour. Try to get as authentic a liquid yeast as you can, use authentic hops if possible. Low carbonation...
  7. Fatgodzilla

    Talk me out of doing an open fermentation

    we all know that the co2 produced will form a "blanket" over the krausen. My worry would be spores and dust in the cellar not visible to the eyes. Especially prior to the yeast cranking in and the co2 being produced. As a fun experiment, go for it. But why take a risk? I ferment in a plastic...
  8. Fatgodzilla

    whirlpool woes

    Been a bit of discussion on Aussiehomebrewing site on whether whirlpooling is relevant to most home brew systems. The concensus without anything more concrete than brewers observations is that whirlpooling isn't really that effective. The theory is great but it seems the exception rather than...
  9. Fatgodzilla

    Questioning homebrew norms after persistent phenolic taste

    Consistent bad beer is not an uncommon problem, I've thrown out 5 successive brews. Like others told me, the reasons could be anything. Systematic experimentation is the only way to identify the problem, but who really wants to do that we just want good brew. I did three things all brewers...
  10. Fatgodzilla

    Barley Crusher Owners - What's a good gap setting?

    Just remember also that the different grains you will be crushing come in different sizes and have varying degrees of hard huskness. If you often use differnt grains, there will be no single suitable size (therefore the default is okay). If you primarily crush only one grain, then Samc's advice...
  11. Fatgodzilla

    Do you squeeze the bag -BIAB

    If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. - Will Rogers Give up being a grump, have a home brew and we'll all live to argue another day.:mug:
  12. Fatgodzilla

    possible to overcrush grain? (not talking about stuck sparge)

    In simple terms, astringency comes from the leaching of tannins from your grain. You will always get tannin in your wort, its the excessive amounts of tannins that causes astringency. Most brewers ignore the pH of the sparge because in reality, we really don't understand it. However it is...
  13. CarntheSaintas


    St Kilda AFL Club (Australian Football) - the world's most loved losing team. Founded in 1873, has won 1 title in 1966. Please God, just one more premiership.
  14. Wordsoftheprophets


    Kamahl, what a man.