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    any ideas for a leftovers batch?

    After less-than-stellar results from my last leftovers batch of beer (a light american wheat lager - nothing like what i pictured) I find myself without great monetary means, but what I think might be enough left over from my last four batches to form something. Here's what I have to work with...
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    First lager - sulphur and yellow foam

    :rockin: Thanks Yooper. Used a dry European Lager Yeast (SafLager W-34/70), and the temperature has been fluctuating more than I am comfortable with due to this being my first lager and having to realize that my minifridge desperatly needs an external thermostat. I realize that time might very...
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    First lager - sulphur and yellow foam

    Sorry for putting out that obligatory "I killed it!" post, and I guess there isn't much to do but wait it out and hope it doesn't smell or taste like that by the end of all this. Starting an aussie-style ale now and have doubled my precautions.
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    First lager - sulphur and yellow foam

    here's some pics - while I had it open, I took a gravity sample and it does remind me of a ginger beer I made back in the day, a little bit of a sulphuric taste but not unbearable
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    First lager - sulphur and yellow foam

    In the middle of fermenting my first lager after a few various ales over the past year. Followed sanitation procedures obsessively along with the recipe. It's been fridged at 60 - 50 degrees the entire time, with dry yeast being pitched at the higher end. Checked it a few times after no...