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    how do you bottle your mead?

    it prevents the corks from drying out over time
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    how do you bottle your mead?

    I use standard green wine bottles from the brew store, cork with a double lever hand corker, and label using a p-touch label maker. I put the label on the bottom of the bottle so I can read it while it's stored upside down in the box the bottles came in. Its also labeled in a code system and I...
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    Well if your using k-meta as your sanitizer, you can make a extra strong batch of sanitizing solution in the bottom of a bucket. Then suspend some corks above the solution in a mesh bag/strainer/etc and let the SO2 gas do the sanitizing. But generally no you shouldn't be soaking, never boil your...
  4. ExoticMeadMaker ALL the honeys?

    the yeast should eat their way through it, but you don't get accurate hydro readings. I assume its still fermenting, so oxidation shouldnt be an issue. Id would a rack some of the liquid off, and shake the jug to dissolve the honey and syrup, careful not to do it to hard at first so it doesn't...
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    Well dont forget about the possibility of mutations. The lees, especially after a couple of reuses, may not be the yeast you started out with. It could be better mutation, or it could be worst, but probably wont be the D47, 1116,, wyeast, whatever... that you started off with. But I guess if...
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    First timer: Do i do it?

    1. thats kind a hard question to answer. its like trying to answer what does beer taste like. well it depends on the ingredients/type etc. Theres so many different types of meads its boggles the mind! from beer type braggots, to still traditionals, sparkling traditionals, to fruity melomels...
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    Dry ice

    This would also eliminate the risk of thermally shocking/ shattering/ cracking your carboy
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    Why let the must sit for 24 hours?

    I believe it's to let the k-meta (potassium meta-bisulfate/Camden tablets) do their thing, killing any wild yeast or bacteria that is on the fruit and then dissipate as to not kill off the yeast you are adding.
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    looking for mead

    There is Rohan meadery just outside La Grange
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    honey water & yeast

    150 grams in a 5 liter batch is going to have a potential of 1.15% abv, or a OG of 1.008, are you sure it wasnt 1.50 kg?
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    Bulk aging is better IMO as it will lead to a more consistent final product
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    Finally gonna start a mead on Friday. Advice very welcome.

    I doubt it hurt anything, you should be fine.. 5 hrs and not seeing any signs of fermentation is norm, in my experiences seeing signs within the first 12hrs is abnormal..12-36 hrs seems to be the normal wait time..72 hrs plus is usually when I would get concerned. I also like to shake the bucket...
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    Adding Honey to the Must after 1 week of Primary Fermentation

    I think the easiest way to mix in more honey would be to pull out a couple cups of must, and mix that with a pound of honey in a blender. just be sure to sanitize the carafe. and start the blender slow.
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    Finally gonna start a mead on Friday. Advice very welcome.

    heavy bits like wax will settle out usually in the primary. I usually find that some pollen starts to collect on the surface in the secondaries. Just rack below that. a traditional- water, honey, nutrient, yeast has a surprising amount to flavor to it. However you could always add fruit to the...
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    I just cut a cork into 3rds and load a slice on top of the cork going in the bottle. This prevents the dimple and pushes the cork further into the bottle.