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    Sprouted grains

    I've found a source for sprouted millet. And I'm wondering if anyone knows if sprouted millet would be equal to malted millet, or a pale millet malt? I malt my own millet at home and I know that you have to sprout millet so the shoot is about double the length of the grain. And I don't know at...
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    Enzyme Questions

    I've gotten myself somewhat confused about enzymes. I brew all grain, millet and buckwheat (malted), and I've been wanting to simplify my step mash. I've read about the different enzymes to help with conversion, and I'm having a hard time figuring out the difference in them. For example...
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    Spike HERMS system for GF all grain brewing

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Spike brewing system for their all grain brewing? I'm considering buying one but I'm concerned about using GF grains in it. Usually systems are designed with barley in mind, and our crush is so fine I'm wondering if it screws the system up. And if you're...
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    Canadian Gluten Free Homebrewers

    I haven't mastered a thing. Four years and I still feel like a rookie.
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    Canadian Gluten Free Homebrewers

    I haven't been on this forum lately. It seems like a lot is happening. I'm in Victoria. I've been brewing gluten free for about four years. I'm all alone over here. I do all-grain too. And I malt my own grain, out of necessity. I built my malting machine out of plywood and screen doors. I'm...
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    Can I use millet from the grocery store?

    The problem with malting grocery store millet is it's most likely hulled. And if you plan on malting it yourself it won't happen without it's hull intact. I've had success malting buckwheat without it's hull, but not millet. And I haven't tried sorghum yet so can't say. My success in malting...
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    Forgot to add enzymes, but it's all good

    I also live in Canada, the west coast, and I get my unhulled millet from a store called Buckerfields. On the bag is the name of the company that supplies them with the millet. They're in Alberta. When I chatted with the owner, although he couldn't stamp a GF label on the grain he said it was...
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    Looking for some locals

    Fat chance, but anyone on this forum live in Victoria, BC Canada?
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    Forgot to add enzymes, but it's all good

    So the millet you got from a bulk store wouldn't germinate? IR treatment, is that some sort of irradiating that happens when the grain crosses borders?
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    Forgot to add enzymes, but it's all good

    Funny you should say that. I had convinced my parents to let me borrow a few acres on their farm to grow millet but I had to move for work before I could get underway. I was growing 6 different hops there already and was excited to start the millet too. Instead I buy 40lb bags of unhulled millet...
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    Forgot to add enzymes, but it's all good

    After I pitched my yeast and started cleaning up I realized I forgot to add in my enzymes during the mashing stage. Everything else went perfectly though. I did a iodine test after mashing and almost no starch remained. And my OG was 1.056 after the boil. I do all grain, with millet and...
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    Single Infusion Mash for Millet? Too good to be true?

    That's quite similar to what I've been consistently brewing. I use a little more millet for my base malt, usually 13lbs. But I malt my own grains and I'm always concerned about the quality, so I over compensate. I would recommend using crystal malt (I've had great results with it) and I've...
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    Single Infusion Mash for Millet? Too good to be true?

    I've been malting my own millet for a year now with great results. I can buy a 40lb bag of unhulled millet, it's literally birdseed, for $25. I built a malting machine, and can do about 15 lbs at a time, enough for a 10 gallon batch. I did it out of necessity, since where I live, western Canada...
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    Cherry Ale issues

    I poured my primary of medium dark ale into a secondary with 5 lbs of fresh cherries, all mashed, and have left it for a week. It was a millet and buckwheat base with some millet crystal malt. I tasted some today and it was tart and the tanins from the cherries are too much. It's also quite thin...
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    Sg after adding cherries

    Anyone know how to calculate a final gravity after adding cherries when racking into a secondary? My original gravity was 1.070. After a week in the primary it was at 1.018. I racked it into a secondary onto 5 lbs of fresh cherries. Puréed if you must know. Now how do I calculate my final...