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  1. erockomania

    Going to Germany

    Went to the Czech republic for a couple days too :)
  2. erockomania

    Going to Germany

    Pilsner Urquell! Been a crazy week so far but I thought I'd share these pics. Poured right off the barrel... The old fashioned way. It doesn't get much fresher than this. It was unfiltered, more aromatic and simply better.
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    Going to Germany

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Lots to think about! :) I wasn't about to go looking for American style beers but I did want to mention my taste in case that helped in guiding me in the right direction :)
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    Going to Germany

    I'm getting excited about the trip the more I read :) My "home base" will be in Stuttgart but we plan on making our way to Prague, Plzn (Pilsner Urquell brewery), Heidelberg, etc... Here is what our tour guide (my father in law) sent me for a rough intinerary (this is a trip my wife bought me...
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    columbus? really??

    Pliny has a lot of Columbus in boil and dry hop. It's one of the best DIPAs on the planet. I love Columbus personally. Even in dry hop.
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    Going to Germany

    Hey guys! I'm headed to Germany for two weeks. I'll be all around the country. What are some must try beers? Considering I'm a west coast IPA kinda guy, is there anything in that range? Thanks!
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    Hops extract recommendations

    I'm also curious. Anyone out there experiment with hop extracts ala Pliny?
  8. erockomania

    Dilution to wort and how water effects OG

    Or just type in 5.25 into our spread sheet :)
  9. erockomania

    Citra Cascade IPA

    Yup. Keep that crystal to 5-7% of the grist if you want those hops to shine. I don't mind the carapils addition when the crystal is low.
  10. erockomania

    Drake's Aroma Coma clone?

    nice! thanks!
  11. erockomania

    Drake's Aroma Coma clone?

    I've seen a few clones out there by they are completely different from each other. Anyone have a good recipe for this excellent ipa??
  12. erockomania

    excessive sweetness across several batches/styles

    Maybe he thinks crystal is a base malt. Haha
  13. erockomania

    ruination's 10th anniversery

    Had this over the weekend. It's in my top 2-3 for triple IPAs. It's ridiculously good and smells of raw hops. Seriously, it's like holding a bag of raw hops and taking a whiff. Stupid good.
  14. erockomania

    metallic flavor

    High levels of myrcene from your hops can do it.
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    Beer and blood pressure/cholesterol meds - feedback appreciated

    I haven't read the whole thread but eating "very healthy" is a matter of debate. What the govt has told us is a "healthy diet" is a bunch of hogwash and misinformation. You COULD be eating very poorly but still be in FDA guidelines. Fact.