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    Best NEIPA hop combos

    I'm sorry, I just don't get anything "tropical" from Amarillo. They're just plain tinny/metallic to me.
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    Best yeast for Trillium clone?

    Wyeast 1098, WLP007 or Conan per Jean-Claude Tetreault himself.
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    Pumpkin Pie Spice Ale

    I've added things to a carbonated keg in the past. Just try to gently add a spice tea, don't just dump it in.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I'm here at work chewing Extra Cinnamon gum and realizing that this has the essence of Pumking.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    It's gotta be butter, right?
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    Anyone catch that Misfits reunion live? I was pretty excited watching on Periscope, love them.
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    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    I did I grapefruit session IPA that turned out surprisingly better than I had expected. I didn't dry hop but hit it hard with the flameout additions. After fermentation, I sprayed two large grapefruits with starsan and zested them, no white, just peel. I "dry hopped" for two days, I recommend...
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    Is there a way to measure the strength of Acid Malt?

    I doubt there is a way. Omit it from your mash. Check the pH, 1 oz will lower your mash pH by .1. This is what I do.
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    Love the Milligan character, it's played well. The butcher was in Breaking Bad too I believe?
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    BrewersBest - American IPA(BIAB) How to reduce bitterness?

    By start you mean 60 minutes? If you want to reduce the biterness, add the hops later in the boil or add less.
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    Favorite columbus hop recipies

    Columbus and Mosaic are like peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly or…
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    Niagara Falls

    Goat Island on the American side.
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    Equinox and Exp 6277

    The aroma of 6277 reminded me of Amarillo but maybe a bit more pungent.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    Sure did, I went from close to 60 on my ALT to 35 after three months.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    A suppliment that helped to lower my liver enzymes: Milk thistle