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  1. ericbw

    Homemade Bread Thread

    Yes flour it heavily with rice flour and flour (50/50 mix).
  2. ericbw

    Back sweetening cider- options

    The work is buying or making a filter and then running it from one keg to another.
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    Homemade Bread Thread

    Yes, if it’s fuzzy, throw it out. [emoji53]
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    I don’t know if this counts as pizza or just flatbread. It was a scrap of sun-dried tomato sourdough, topped with EVOO, minced garlic, tomato paste, grated Parm, and black pepper. A little crunchy on the bottom, probably because it baked at only 425 on the stone.
  5. ericbw

    Homemade Bread Thread

    I really like the Mure and Peyrot lames, although they are cheap plastic. The fixed blade version is basically a huge piece of plastic to throw out when it gets dull. But the one pictured in the Amazon set is also fine. I’ve used a utility knife, a serrated knife, scissors, etc. They all work.
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    Homemade Bread Thread

    That’s a great price!
  7. ericbw

    48 hour yeast suggestions

    It’s not flavorless exactly, but it’s not a good flavor. I did some of that planning to do something similar, but ended up dumping it because i never figured out what to do with it.
  8. ericbw

    Question about Bottle Conditioning in my first-ever Homebrew

    If your readings are correct you should have crappy beer or bottle bombs or both. Sounds scary to me.
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    Homemade Bread Thread

    I made some pretty kick ass pumpkin sourdough.
  10. ericbw

    Homemade Bread Thread

    I bought a pack of that but haven’t used it. Seems like cheating! (Joke) Look carefully at the pack. It should say something about allergens like dairy.
  11. ericbw

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    It goes fast with the kids, but sometimes they come back.
  12. ericbw

    Used Keg (cleaning) vs New Keg

    I’d buy used.
  13. ericbw

    Big mouth alternative? Would this work??

    I would use it.
  14. ericbw

    Any Bacon Makers Here?

    Any grocery store with a meat department should be able to get belly for you. If they have a decent butcher operation (cutting and packaging stuff), then they might get you a better price. I think it should be cheaper per pound to get a 5lb piece than it is to get a 1 or 2 lb piece. But...
  15. ericbw

    Homemade Bread Thread

    Growing it up from scratch? Or from another starter?