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    Yeast Test Underway

    Haven't been on in a while, but wanted to update this thread now that a little time has passed. I have upped it to 6 different yeasts being done and spent some time earlier today checking flavors and stabilising them. It was very interesting as all 6 had very different flavors even though...
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    Adding honey

    The honey ales sound very good. I do not make much beer, but wanted to add a comment about the honey. On the mead forum, the general standard is no boiling of honey for mead. It is very sanitary right out of the bottle. Boiling can remove some of the flavors of the honey. With mead that...
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    Very Very basic question, regarding wort.

    Thanks for the quick responses. Very helpful.
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    Very Very basic question, regarding wort.

    I have only made a couple batches of beer, and I have never quite been sure about the wort going from the kettle into the primary. I've not seen this referenced before, though I am sure someone has asked somewhere. The batches were steeped grain and LME. At the bottom of the kettle after...
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    Basic Island Mist wine kit in a 6.5 primary?

    Did a search and saw this thread had the same question I was going to ask. Now my question is: are there some kits that it is essential for the larger primary bucket? I was looking at some of the RJ Spagniols Cabernet Suavignon kits. In the past I have only done one other wine kit and it...
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    Choosing the right Yeast

    gayleygoo is correct on the copyright. It does not matter if you are not making money off of something. If something is created the creator automatically gets a copyright, and can sue for money made off of it. If that creation was registered with the copyright office, then they can sue...
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    fermentation restarted

    I started a batch on Sept 1, 2012 that has recently just started fermentation again in the carboy. This was a complex process on this batch. Started it as a 2 gallon batch to be split for different flavors (one plum and one chocolate plum) Originally started at OG-1.122 and went to 1.000...
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    How many Gallons of Mead in 2013

    Add to the 370: 2 gal orange blossom honey traditional 6 - 1 gal yeasts test traditionals 4 gal cherry (and maybe hibiscus) total 382 MarshmellowBlue: was your 1 above that you marked to the 338 counted earlier or was it supposed to be added to the 370 total a couple of posts later?
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    Citrus Melomel

    I'll have to follow this to see how it goes. I have a young mead going with orange blossom honey and a 1/4 cup fresh orange juice and a little zest added in secondary. Haven't tasted recently so need to check on it. Another one I did (still in the ageing process) was with no water but 1/2...
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    Honey costs

    Only problem with this is that honey mixed with water does not taste like mead. It's lousy that you cannot get mead where you are. If you get to travel, I would recommend making the effort to find some. More specifically, find some good mead. I have come across a wide range of quality of...
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    In regards to freeze concentration....

    Interesting idea sharkman. The straight freeze method can get strong, but adding it back in as a way to fortify sounds like port since port uses distilled grape to add back into the wine. I would probably use a traditional to freeze so that it would not add uncontrolled flavors to what other...
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    Re-bottling Mead

    Congrats on the silver. So overall, it seems like the verdict is to let the mead "settle in" to the new bottles for a month or more. Then all is good.
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    Re-bottling Mead

    Once you get the score sheets back, please post the results that could tie in, if you don't mind. I've never heard of bottle shock before.
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    Adding tea in secondary

    I did one batch with black tea in the secondary, Put the leaves in hot water for an hour then dump both water and leaves into secondary. It was not a noticeable tea taste but so far it added a little depth to the overall flavor.