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    Star San Suck Back Post Fermentation

    I screwed up. I was worried about getting oxidizing my beer during the transfer to my keg so I kept the lid on my stainless steel fermenter and I left the blowoff tube connected and in about a 1/2 gallon of star san and water solution. Well I just opened up the spigot and let the beer drain...
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    Adding Honey After Cooling Wort & Before Fermentation

    I add honey to my DIPAs now. About 10 oz a day or two into fermentation. It really rounds out the citrus/stone fruit flavor well and ups the ABV to above 8% easily and I've had great success so far. I've added Maple syrup at that same time to imperial stouts as well. Adding a day or two...
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    Imperial Rye Brown

    Well, I brewed this. I think overall I'm happy but I think I need to invest in Beersmith because my efficiency has been off my last few brews. I think it is because my water numbers are off. I use Brewers Friend and a mash calculater 365Brew but my water amount always surpasses the estimated...
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    Imperial Rye Brown

    -I'm usually around 65-68% effeciency... attenuation is around 80+% (I harvest). My aim is 8.5% or so. -I always do a 50/50 split with my malt because I feel it adds a nice flavor balance to my beers... -I used Oat malt in a brown ale and I thought it added a nice mouth feel and flavor. I...
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    Imperial Rye Brown

    I'm planning to brew an imperial rye brown and have it age over some wood and rye whiskey... but I've never used rye before. I like browns but they are sweet so I thought I could temper the sweetness by adding rye. The recipe is based on a pretty successful brown I brewed before: 7# MO 7#...
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    My Imperial Stout isn't carbing

    I used 1318 as my yeast. I came close to hitting my FG... 1.03 for a final. SG at 1.099. I think I'm going to bloom some CBC and add it to the bottles with an eyedropper.
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    My Imperial Stout isn't carbing

    I brewed an imperial stout (9.5%) 2/26/17, transferred to secondary 4/1/17 over oak and bourbon and bottled 6/22/17. As of yesterday 9/10/17... it's still not carbed. Not even a hint of carbonation. My LHBS recommended rebottling with dry yeast (CBC yeast?). I bottled and added my priming...
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Humidity Controller and PID Temperature Controller

    Hi! I am interested in the Inkbird ITC-106VH PID Temperature Thermostat Controller. Thanks!
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    Second Year Centennial and Cascade

    I have never harvested any cones from my plants. Last year they produced ten cones... combined. This year will be a bounty. My Centennials look very close to ready and my Cascades look maybe a week behind them. My question is that my bines are still forming new cones as well as have many...
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    Soaking oak cubes

    Right now I'm soaking oak cubes in Whistle Pig whiskey but I was wondering if i can add like an oz of maple syrup to the soak mixture too... or could that contaminate it? I figure the whiskey would kill any infection off but I wanted to check.
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I brewed these two beers mid May using Imperial Organic Yeast the barbarian strain... both turned out great. Has anyone used this strain? Huuuuge tropical stone fruit nose, pineapple and mango. Very pleasant. The draft is Simcoe-Citra hopped... also tried a new technique by adding an immediate...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    That sucks. Is it drinkable? Mine isn't. Yet. The pic was all lighting... I'm hoping it lasts through July 4th which would be a month in the bottle. I made 2 ipas, one bottled for a friend and legged the other... my Father's Day brew - Simcoe and Citra.