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    60 Year Old Honey

    That's good to know on the K1. I have only done about 10 mead's, so I am still experimenting with a lot of yeasts and so on. The 3 yeasts I listed were just ones I have tried and liked. But I am still learning different things on brewing. Let us know how the mead turns out though, the honey...
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    60 Year Old Honey

    Lalvin D47 or EC1118 or if you want to try something really different and Irish Stout yeast.
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    My First Hard Cider/Apple wine Experiments

    So a fast update on how these came out. First off, I left them all still and I liked the result, however I did not spice them this time around like I was planning. I ran out of funds; but such is life. Let us start with the Hard Ciders first: The Lalvin - D47 yeast: It came out with a slight...
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    Pear cider

    The Juice and about 2 lbs of sugar should get you to the 1.060 range and that should put you at a 7.9% ABV. The Safale S04 is one I have used a few times now and it does well for apple wines and ciders IMHO. I haven't tried the others yet though so I couldn't tell you on those. Good luck and let...
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    Fermentation help!

    Did you aerate it or add nutrients or energizers?
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    safale and apple juice

    Safale S04 works well. I have done 3 batches with it now and they all taste great. 2 batches were Apple Wines and 1 was a regular Hard Cider.
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    safale and apple juice

    Well if it was just 5.5 gallons of apple juice, then your OG should be about 1.044 and would put the FG around 1.000. So you would end of with about a 5.8% ABV. If you decide to back sweeten with say half a gallon of apple juice that will go down to about 5.3% ABV and 1 gallon would be about...
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    Cinnamon Cider

    I just got done brewing 4 batches of 1 Gallon experiments. After talking with a few people I decided to get some Mulling Spice to try out as well and when I go to bottle it will work out great. I made a Simple Syrup from it and it came out really good, I will be using it to back sweeten a few. I...
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    Idea for a Pineapple Mango Mead, need all the help I can get.

    I also saw some Pineapple Peach Mango Juice from Dole at Sams club, there were no preservatives in it. Just thought I would post it here incase you may want to try a juice route.
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    Thinking of make a Stout Graff

    I was going to do the acidulated malt for a sour flavor more in line to Guinness. I will be experimenting mainly. Just piecing things together from stout information I have seen and ones I have tasted.
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    Thinking of make a Stout Graff

    I think I will be doing this Mid October, that's when I have to go out and buy some more juice and other things to finish off some Hard Cider and Apple Wines I have brewing atm. I figured I would just get it all done at once. I will post pics once I do go too brew and update the OG and so on.
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    Thinking of make a Stout Graff

    Yeah that's where I kinda got the idea when I was looking for a stout recipe. And I am still thinking of mine so it may be tweaked some more. But for sure, once I get it finished I will post some updates. This is another area I got the Idea from. Me and a friend go out to lunch every weekend...
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    Thinking of make a Stout Graff

    So I was thinking of making a Stout Graff. Here is the Recipe I have come up with, it was modified from Brandon O's I was wondering what you guys might think. This will be my first go at a Graff, but I like stouts and figured I would throw it in the mix. **UPDATE** after going through the...
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    First cider (1 gallon) what should i do?!

    Yeah I have read a lot of places it can add an off flavor if adding during primary, they say seconday or bottling is when to add. so I figured I would wait and see, I got a few responses on ways I will try. I also think a Stout Graff experiment is my next thing.
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    My First Hard Cider/Apple wine Experiments

    yeah that's what I was guessing on powdered but I figured I would ask first. I had some of this Allspice powder left over from a mead I did a while back and it seemed to work well, and I can grab Cinnamon sticks they are cheap, I also found some cheap Mulling spice. thanks for the suggestion...