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    Alcohol tolerance

    When I make some of my wine I like it a little sweet without backsweetening so I add enough sugar for 15% wine it will work the yeast all the way out and give me a little sweetness at the end.Same difference would work if you would add liqour to your wine if it got above the tolerance the yeast...
  2. ejr

    Sparkling Peach White Wine, Great Recipe

    just put on another batch of this stuff it is great to make and drink while my other wine ages in the carboy
  3. ejr

    What do yall think i should backsweeten my apfelwein with?

    i didnt backsweeten mine i mixed it with spite turned out ok
  4. ejr

    Kool Aid wine!?

    nope its someone that doesnt have all the means but at all the same time has enough smarts to make something drinkable enough to enjoy been there done that my hats off to you
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    Stupid question (you would think you all would be used to them by now)

    my thoughts is that it helps oxides the wine therefore helping the yeast also with the flavor of the wine, i dont stir it daily but i do about every 2to 3 days good luck!story is that the old timers stirred it everyday but i used to go to the cellar with them we also test tasted it everyday...
  6. ejr

    Strawberry-blackberry wine

    i remember making wine and placing it in a 2 liter bottle after 30 days took it over to the local honky tonk had to keep stopping on the way to let the pressure off the bottle got there with it we drank it even though it was very tasty didnt make no difference but everything comes with time may...
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    Sparkling Peach White Wine, Great Recipe

    just sweeten my 5.5 gal batch with sugar it tasted just as good as backsweeten with cont. you can still taste the peach at the end
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    First whine ever

    looks fine to me thats how i started with 2 liter soda bottles many moons ago also used bread yeast in the beginning, some was drinkable some not some drank way to soon
  9. ejr

    Sparkling Peach White Wine, Great Recipe

    Finished it off just took off a batch of skeeter pee another batch of this is next ive already got it cooking
  10. ejr

    reusing screw top bottles

    oh well i may be wrong but i use whiskey bottles for my wine with the plastic tops in between to seal it with very little trouble for years ive never corked my wine,i do cap some of my hard lemonade and ect.
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    strawberry margarita wine cooler type thing...

    sounds like it came out ok ,the wife wanted to try the strawberry daiquiri and margariti sounds like it all turned out well ,i may start another batch today
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    How many gallons of Skeeter Pee have been made.

    1394 plus 11 = 1405 done in the carboys
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    Putting lipstick on a pig: An experiment in making Welch's grape juice wine

    nope i made pear wine which i got to sweet then to fix it i made some grape welches really dry and mixed it didnt turn out well so i backsweetened with the tropical punch sweeet koolaide mix to taste made it drinkable in other words i used it to cover up 2 mistakes not for just the welches and...