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    Forgot my Local HBS Recipe :-(

    I don't know the AA% of the hops, the ingredients are at my parents house awaiting the right brew day. Should i use all of the 1# bags of Munich and Crystal 60L?
  2. efreem01

    Forgot my Local HBS Recipe :-(

    Hello All, I went to my LHBS a few weeks ago and picked up ingredients for an IPA and the proprietor came up with a recipe and I bought the ingredients. Only problem is i forgot the recipe. Can someone help me come up with a good All-Grain IPA Recipe? Thanks Ingredients: 1# Muntons...
  3. efreem01

    1st Sankey D Coupled keg/All Foam!

    Does the thicker 5/16 ID tubing require more PSI per foot or less to push the beer? Secondly, to disengage the tap and make this change can I vent the keg and pull up the handle on the keg coupler? Or should i just vent the keg and turn off CO2? I've had very little experience with this...
  4. efreem01

    Stone Cold Brown Ale Recipe - Any Comments?

    Hi Guys, I'm brewing my first all-grain batch of the year (work has been hell) and the owner of the LHBS kind of translated a beer that i like in the local microbrew restaurant. It's described as a brown ale with a hint of belgian candi sugar and a smokey finish. Here is the recipe i've put...
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    1st Sankey D Coupled keg/All Foam!

    OK, i've experimented with a dozen different CO2 pressure and i'm still having the All Foam problem. The 1st night i had a minor keg party with my brew buddies and i vented the keg and brought it down to 3 PSI for a decent beer trickle with limited head. I don't think the keg would stay carbed...
  6. efreem01

    How Long do Commercial Kegs Stay Fresh

    I just bought a half barrel of Sam Adams and i have it connected to CO2 and was wondering how long this will stay "Brewery Fresh" before the flavor profile starts to change. Anyone have any experience with these?
  7. efreem01

    1st Sankey D Coupled keg/All Foam!

    Hi Guys, I just drove home ~7pm a keg of Sam Adams Oktoberfest to help along this festive holiday season. I'm still running a Chest Freezer kegarator with picnic taps and a 10# CO2 tank. I connected the CO2 tank to the Coupler at 10PSI and the Beer out to a picnic tap with 6' of hose. It's...
  8. efreem01

    Is my Starter Infected? Should I use it?

    It was kept at room temperature for the week and also, I didn't see any fuzz or chutes coming out of the clumps. Any advice? If this can't be salvaged, would using Nottingham dry yeast for a Hefeweizen be an acceptable substitute on short notice?
  9. efreem01

    Is my Starter Infected? Should I use it?

    Hey All, I brewed a 1L starter last saturday with the intention of using it on Sunday. I used 1/2 cup of ELDME and an 1/8 teaspoon of yeast nutrient in my 2L flask. I couldn't brew on sunday and now a week later the starter has white clumps floating in it. I couldn't detect any off-smells...
  10. efreem01

    How Long is too Long in secondary?

    I try to brew 3 batches a month. Even with consumption running high, i struggle to drink 15 gal a month. Tomorrow i'm brewing a Titannia Wheat ale and i still have yet to tap the Oktoberfest or the 6-Malt Amber. On a side note, if you like Oktoberfest style beer and you haven't brewed the...
  11. efreem01

    How Long is too Long in secondary?

    Hey All, I brew beer so often that i've actually been getting backed up. My friends and I aren't drinking it fast enough, so my lagering fridge has two secondaries of beer at a time until i can free up a keg. How long is too long for beer to be in the secondary without adding possible...
  12. efreem01

    Cleaning CO2 Lines in a Kegarator?

    Hi All, I've been kegging beer for about 8 months now, and my kegerator has gone through a number of modifications. For the moment, now i have capacity for about 4 kegs with a single regulator and a 4-way CO2 distributor. By a repetitively doing a newbie mistake that i think just about...
  13. efreem01

    AHS Promotional Amber Ale for $19.99

    Just placed my order. I can't wait to try it Forrest!
  14. efreem01

    Apfelwein Kegs and Off-flavors?

    Hi All, So far i've made two six gallon batches of Apfelwein. When i kegged both batches, i used the same corny keg. They came in one after another. I'm about to kick my second keg of Apfelwein. Is there a possibility this could cause off-flavors if i rack beer into the keg? I've been told...
  15. efreem01

    Need help before bottling!!!

    What recipe did you use? Also, what was the expected final gravity?