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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I realize this is an old thread, but wondering if original poster figured out a solution? I have always thought it would be handy to set a timer up to autofill my HLT and start it up before I get out of bed. This popped up on FB for me. It sounds like it might do the trick: NEW Liquid Level...
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    New Yeast Strain Chart! Searchable and Sortable

    I realize this thread has been dead for almost 3 years, but I just ran into it and is still incredibly useful. To solve the Kolsh, kolcsh, Kölsh, and Kölsch, etc... you could implement a fuzzy search...
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    Making a gluten free beer-need GF yeast...

    any recent info on GF yeasts?
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    How to measure moisture content of hops

    i realize the last post was from 2010, but this is a great way to tell when you are near the 21% dry matter mark: which is part of this article...
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    2016 Hop Growing Thread

    Hop plant on the left has great cones, it happened overnight from flower to cone. In Northwest, what is the estimate on how long from time cones are formed to time they need to be picked? I'm hoping not within the next 2 weeks.
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    both centennial hops?

    Hi, please help with hop type classification. At the beginning of the season I ordered: 1x chinook 3x Mt Hood 8x Columbus 8x Centennial 8x Cascade 6/8 centennial (right bine) look like what i would consider a centennial from viewing other peoples hops pictures, but the 2 have...
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    How to make Hop Plugs or Hop Pellets

    Any update on the process of pelletizing since 2012? How is everyone doing it today?