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  1. edie

    Favorite Brewery in Albuquerque?

    Marble for me. Have a long weekend planned next weekend, just wondering.
  2. edie

    Beer T

    great! thanks for the help.
  3. edie

    Beer T

    yes I did. so did you have an idea where I might find one.
  4. edie

    Beer T

    wasn't sure where to post. saw a t-shirt a couple of months ago. "I brew my own beer. So I got that going for me" Anyone know where I might get one?
  5. edie

    Recommendations for ingredient kits?

    the brewers best kit will give you directions on brewing as an ale rather than a lager. brewed the BB kit once and turned out fine as an ale. just brewed the austin brew dunkel last weekend and went with the lager yeast. we'll see
  6. edie

    What are you drinking now?

    1hr 45min's until a marshall brewing harvest lager
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    A quick Hello

    welcome and glad to hear your first batch worked out. sounds like you've been around long enough to know that patience is your best friend. let us know how batch #2 goes! cheers
  8. edie

    My First Brew

    congrats! get the next batch going. you'll go through this one before you know it.
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    The Impatient Brewer

    i curious as to your cider recipe? must everything i've read suggests letting it age for a couple months. would really like to get a key of apple cider ready by christmas. regarding your quick turnaround, wheats (some) can be done in a couple weeks if your kegging. but i have to be honest...
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    Thoughts on 1st attempt at a recipe

    thanks for the feedback
  11. edie

    Thoughts on 1st attempt at a recipe

    hoping for a low hop rye 4.5 rye LME 2.0 x-light LME 2.0 american 2-row 1.25 caramunich I .75 munich malt .75 crystal 60 1.0 liberty @ 60 1.5 tettnanger @ 15 .5 hallertau @ 5 american ale yeast seems like it might be a little malty but don't want to end up too hoppy. any...
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    Yuengling lager

  13. edie

    Painfully Newb Question

    i'm thinking that we're just going to give it time and give it a taste a little closer to the holidays and see where we're at. thanks very much for the input.
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    Painfully Newb Question

    thanks for the response. 5 gallons of apple juice and made a starter with red star champagne yeast. ended up having to sprinkle another dry package of the same yeast to get fermentation going. had planned, was hoping, to have ready by c.mas. thanks again for your input.