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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    I will definitely try that!
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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    I'm going very slow. I never go past a 1/4 of the way open on the valve... I know its getting past my FB but I'm clueless as to why because I'm not banging it while stirring the grains as far as I can tell.
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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    Interesting concept, thanks for the advice!
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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    I am continuously getting a large amount of grain coming through the whole process of draining the wort. It might flow clear for a quart or two then have a large amount of grain come slushing out.
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    Problems with grain bed not settling.

    Okay, I have brewed two all grain recipes and during both vourlaufing steps, I could NEVER get the bed to settle. My temps were correct, I believe I mixed in well enough and made sure there were no dough balls or clumps and I even let the mash sit longer than required. I am running a 10...
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    Good beginning recipe for new all grain brewing?

    Any advice on a good all grain kit or recipe for someone starting out? Is one style easier than another?
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    Caramel Apple Cider

    Fermenting away!
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    Lets see pics of your homebrewing disasters!

    Broke my 5 gallon fermenter tonight full of a cream ale 5 minutes after I put it in...:mad: 5 hours wasted but a valuable lesson learned...:smack:
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    10 Gallon Cooler - Mash Tun - Temp Problems

    From what I have seen, you simply insert a thermometer in the dry grain and get a reading. Also, I see many guys pre heat the mash tun by pouring a gallon or so and closing the lid before dumping the full mash volume.
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    Software brewtoad vs brewers friend

    Obey the toad.
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    All grain brewing and beersmith trouble.

    Yes, I'm trying to get it as close to my equipment as possible. I run a 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler and a ten gallon brew pot. From what I see, it only gives me the choice of a 15 gallon brew pot with the 10 gallon rubbermaid...
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    All grain brewing and beersmith trouble.

    Thanks, guys. I'm starting to understand that it accounts for grain absorption and dead space. I had no idea the grains could soak up so much water. I really appreciate the tips!
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    ATTN: East Texas Homebrewers

    I'm in Wooodville. I'd love to come up and learn something with the Nac home-brew group.:) Just tell me where and when.
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    First time using all grain and BeerSmith

    The recipe calls for 13.50 lbs of malt.