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    Long Trail Hibernator recipe

    Ok I'm brewing your 2nd version this weekend. Any advice?
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    Heating Element

    Just build a EBIAB system and after 4 brews the finish is coming of my element. Anyone have this happen? Is it a problem?
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    My Biab System

    Nice set up
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    My Biab System

    I do a single crush. My mill is set to the thickness of a credit card. I don't much flor in the wort at all.
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    My Biab System

    3 layers of reflectives doesn't lose a degree in a 60 minute mash.
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    My Biab System

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    Robust Rye Porter

    Has anyone brewed one? I'm putting together a recipe. Here's what I'm thinking. 10lbs 2 row 2lbs rye malt 1lb chocolate rye 12ozs c80 4ozs black malt .5oz bravo @60 Us05
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    Home brew Recipe Bible

    Yes thats the one
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    Home brew Recipe Bible

    Has anyone brewed any of the recipes? If so what are your favorites.
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    Lalbrew New England Ale Yeast Temperature

    Thanks it's a NEIPA so hopefully it will turn out good.
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    Lalbrew New England Ale Yeast Temperature

    Anyone ferment with this yeast at the high end? My fermentation chamber is full and my basement temp is 68. So I will probably get to 72 or so at high krausen.
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    HDPE Fermenters and sunlight

    I was wondering if the HDPE fermenter block out the harmful uv light. I have a beer fermenting now and just noticed a some amount of sunlight hitting the fermenter. I have it covered now.
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    Hidden Coves Bucko Brown Ale

    Anyone have a clone recipe for this beer? It's one of my favorites.
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    Gas one kettle

    Hi. I'm in Rhode Island lol. Different East Bay. Looking forward to hearing how like the kettle.
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    Gas one kettle

    Home Depot is now carrying gas one kettles. Anyone have one? If so how's the quality?