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    Golf Leagues

    I'm guessing your or your wife's work doesn't have a league? Too obvious - you would have figured out that one on your own. If you became a member somewhere you'd be set, but I'm also guessing that's not going to happen. I'd say your best bet is to just call around to your area courses and...
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    what type of air tank is this?

    thank you. I now have $25 that I would have wasted to now spend on something useful! :ban:
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    what type of air tank is this?

    I have the option to get 2 of these "air tanks" for $25. Are these oxygen tanks? The valve doesn't look the same as my CO2 tank. are they easily converted to CO2? Is this a potential score, or a waste of $25? thanks
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    Box of beer magnets?

    So I saw an ad for in zymurgy, I think. The website leaves a lot to be desired, but I think this could be of interest to me. Anyone bought the box of beer magnets that could comment on it? Quality, # of magnets, cost, etc.? I've been meaning to call, but I haven't had a...
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    others beers good on nitrogen?

    IPAs? Really? I never would have thought to try that. I love IPAs. I'll have to give that a go. Thanks for the idea! :mug:
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    others beers good on nitrogen?

    I'm absolutely loving my dry stout served on my new nitrogen setup with a stout faucet! The question is, what other beers are good served like this? Would any stout (american, oatmeal, etc.) be just as good? Any others styles (British ales maybe)? I did a search (both here and general...
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    Keg to bottle?

    I'm with remillard. Just release almost all the pressure from the keg first. If it starts pouring too slowly, give it a shot or two of gas and you'll be back in business. It's certainly worth a try before you buy a beer gun or spend time rigging up some contraption, which is what I tried...
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    Beer Math!

    I've been doing this for quite a while now... And yep, a 5% beer will lose about 755g as it ferments. (some will stay in solution making up for the other 28g of CO2) :mug:
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    beer in air line

    This happened to me once. I hooked the gas line up to an empty keg with the gas shut off. Lifting the end of the line and working my way toward the keg, I could use gravity to drain most of it into the keg. Then I gave it a bunch of quick shots of CO2 which forced what little was left in the...
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    Beer line tests & solution to the "plastic" taste

    Does no one else still notice a plastic taste with Tygon B-44-4x? Every review on homebrewtalk that I could find said "zero" plastic taste, so I bit the bullet and dropped ~$60 for 60ft. of it, but the plastic taste is still there for me. Granted, it's better, maybe even much better, but I...
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    How much Tygon?

    I just swapped out my plastic-taste-leeching beer lines with Tygon B-44-4X last night. I had 8ft. lines previously and the pour was a tad too fast with the pressure set to 11psi. 9 or 10 ft. lines probably would have been perfect. With the tygon lines, I started with 14ft. There was no...
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    Why can't you just tip the cooler a bit to drain it all out?

    You mean to tell me some people DON'T tip? :eek: I tip every time with whatever I happen to find in the kitchen at the moment. Sometimes it's an empty Powerade bottle, sometimes it's a blank CD spindle, other times it's a napping cat, but I ALWAYS tip. why wouldn't you tip???
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    Mash-In: water to grain or grain to water?

    +1 to water, then grains. I mash in a cooler and I tried grains first a couple times, but had nothing but problems. Water first allows me to hit my temps easier and I seem to have no issues with dough balls.
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    Kegconnection customer service

    +1 on calling. In my experience, they are terrible at replying to emails, but after calling, your problem will be resolved in about 30 seconds. Great customer service!
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    Calculating Gravity Witout Removing Beer

    NEGATORY See this link, and download my spreadsheet. I've been doing some experimenting with weight-based gravity readings lately. I'm getting extremely accurate results. Within 1 gravity point. I've started to take readings throughout the fermentation and I'm finding that the formula...