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    Shelf life of Campden/SMB/PMB

    I am on a quest to find out what the shelf life of these chemicals are. I have an old bag of campden tablets and an old bag of potassium metabisulfite powder. These bags are easily 2+ years old and stored in the garage which gets hot/humid etc, probably not the best conditions. According to...
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    Keezer temperature controller considerations for longest life

    I like the thought of trying to mimic what a chest freezer would be doing in normal circumstances. Usually theyre full of food so it probably would not kick on very often but once it does its probably on for a while to get that mass of food down to freezing temps.
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    Keezer temperature controller considerations for longest life

    So right now my keezer uses an inkbird single stage temp controller. The probe is in a glass of water on the hump portion of the inside of the keezer and I have the temp set to 39F with a 2deg differential so it kicks on at 41F and kicks off at 39F when it cools back down to this temp and the...
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    Thoughts on cranberry puree in a Kolsch post ferm, maintain clear light beer

    So I wont be using real cranberries but a cranberry puree. In that puree is mostly water that I want to get out to reduce the volume. I do agree that I would likely be concentrating the color as well and don't really see a way around that.
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    Thoughts on cranberry puree in a Kolsch post ferm, maintain clear light beer

    So I would like to make a cranberry kolsch but keep the kolsch appearance. My initial thought is to use a puree and dose accordingly however the kolsch being as pale as it could succumb to discoloration rather quickly from the dosing that could be needed. I was thinking of taking the puree and...
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    Going from 1 vessel ebiab RIMS to 2 vessel

    So right now my method for brewing is to full volume mash in a bag in a keggle with constant temp recirculation, lift the bag out and drain and continue, no sparge. I am in the process of changing the system and lifting the bag out will no longer be an option however I still want to use the...
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    Hot Rod vs. Heat Stick vs. Sous Vide for strike water

    In a continual effort to shorten the brew day I would like to have the strike water ready to go straight into mashing in the morning. Off the shelf would be the most preferred method but I can do some DIY things as well. The sous vide method seems to be the easiest however I cant tell if you...
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    Flowing wort signal for firing element

    Which PID controller has this functionality?
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    Flowing wort signal for firing element

    Im in the process of building a RIMS system and as a safe guard I would like to have a field sensor that would detect flowing wort after exiting the RIMS tube. The signal would pull in a relay or contactor to allow power to the element. Ive read a little about the hall effect sensors but I just...
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    Looking for weldless stand plans for single vessel RIMS BIAB

    I am hoping this has been done before. I would like to construct a single vessel brew stand with a "crane" to hoist the bag up and down. There will also be a RIMS tube on the side for recirc mash and then a propane burner for boiling. (Cant do 220V). Any help would be awesome.
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    4 tap reclaimed wood with copper lid keezer

    Over the summer me and the wife built a keezer from framing wood, reclaimed wood from a demolished homes roof and a sheet of copper. The copper was hammered with a ball peen hammer to give it that old look. Eventually the copper will patina and it'll be perfect. Finished product Making...
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    Beer isnt carbonated but has a head

    On the 650s, after the first pour issues what kind of flow rate do you use? No matter the flow rate I use I do not get carbonation in the beer, just some foam on top. :confused:
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    Beer isnt carbonated but has a head

    Would the flow control on the faucets act as longer lines? I mean if I dial the flow rate to be really low I still do not get carbonation in the beer. That was the reason I got the flow control faucets so I wouldnt have to worry about the line lengths.
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    Beer isnt carbonated but has a head

    I recently got into kegging and have a 3 tap system right now. Anyway here is my system. CO2 tank->keg->10ft accuflex bev-seal ultra 3/16 tubing -> perlick 650ss faucets. The keezer the kegs are in is currently set to 38-39 deg and the CO2 pressure is set to 8psi for serving after being at...
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    Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat It appears Inkbird has released a new prewired temp controller. Does anyone see anything wrong with using something like this vs a STC1000 and make it DIY?:tank: