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    Brewing salts and pH??

    Thank you! That makes sense with the minerals.thats been bothering me lol It seems I confused pka and pk
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    Calculate water to add with priming sugar so ABV unchanged?

    Use c1v1=c2v2 Try ((5.5x litres you currently have)\5.5) - litres you currently have= amount of water to use for priming So it’ll be around 1.9 litres for a 5G batch I really feel like that much increase will result in bottle bombs though.. I’d double check that and then you can change the...
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    Heat Transfer Glycol/Water vs Ethanol

    I don’t think so. Antifreeze is ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. If you diluted ethylene glycol with water even 1/4th or so the volume at -10C it will freeze
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    Brewing salts and pH??

    why does everywhere I read suggest lowering the pH by using brewin salts? Most are pretty much just spectator ions and barely affect (if at all) the H+ concentration. Ex gypsum...CaSO4, add it to increase Ca+2.. cool, add it to increase SO4-2...also cool. Why are so many sources online saying it...
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    Simple Excel Calculator for small batches

    UPDATE... drag the cell C9 to B9 so the formula matches the others. for some reason B9 was saved wrong and will give much higher IBUs. The formula should be =((B7*B8)*(1.65*0.000125^(((($B$4/1000)+1))-1))*(1-EXP(-0.04*(B9)))/4.15*(75/$D$4))
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    Simple Excel Calculator for small batches

    here is it https://files.fm/u/htq5839n#_
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    Simple Excel Calculator for small batches

    Here is a simple excel spread I use to calculate everything I need for my set up. I also use beersmith, but sometimes once I have a recipe made its easier to use this for the process. I do small 3G batches with only a single mashout. Normally i add the water to my cooler and slowly introduce the...