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    Tapioca malt?,11933.html Spelling error aside (glutton, lol), I'm intrigued. I have no idea what this would taste like, I mean, tapioca as we get it is just a powdered cassava root right? Has anyone tried this?
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    Sorghum Syrup Comparison

    I thought the jury was still out on oats? any case I'm avoiding them, though I so hope they are in fact safe. I think the FDA is working on the US standards now though so hopefully we;ll know for sure.
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    Making beer from cider?

    Wow, I take a few months off from the internet and a gluten free forum springs up on HBT? AWESOME! I'll post more on this later, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried using a cider base for GF beer. My first batch of apfelwine turned out really dry and champagne-y and I wasnt too keen...
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    Can I use regular soda bottles?

    Sarasota :) just down here a little while for college. Thanks for the advice, I put the bottle in the fridge after venting it and when I woke up it was uber rock hard again, but the yeast seems to have dropped out and gone to the bottom. Woohoo!
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    Can I use regular soda bottles?

    on this note... like KevinJ I live in florida (central), and today I decided to try out making ginger beer for the first time after I was done racking my other stuff. I used a 2 liter that I'd cleaned out, this guy's recipie plus a little molassess and more ginger and minus a little lemon juice...
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    Acerglen, stuck fermentation? layer of honey?

    oh yeah the honey has definatley diminished, but I'm pretty sure it's honey down there, I've made a few meads this year and it doesn't look like the lees of any other mead I have. The OG was around 1.150, unfortunately I don't know what it is right now as my hubby broke my hydrometer while it...
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    I just opened the first bottle of wine I've ever made

    woo! Congrats! awesome feeling isnt it? :)
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    Acerglen, stuck fermentation? layer of honey?

    I started a maple syrup mead about a month ago. Life happened and I hadnt checked it untill the other day, where I found I had about a inch/inch and a half thick layer of unfermented honey at the bottom with little to no airlock activity. It's a one gallon batch so I wasnt too worried, figured...
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    A local place here (florida) makes pineapple's good stuff, I used it for cooking ham which I later made into a Hawaiian pizza. Good stuff. It's a little intense though.
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    How do you guys store your bottles of homebrew?

    I just use one of the bottom cabinets in my kitchen, the kind you'd normally store pots and pans in.
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    Which program is better for GF brewing?

    Hi there! I've got a wheat/gluten allergy, and so I havent attempted a beer yet...but I'd like to! So far all the commercial brands I've tried I havent liked much, and I have a feeling I'm going to need to try out a fair few grains till I find the combinations I'll that said.. do...
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    New Apfelwein Label

    Hehehe is that inspired?
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    First shot at labels

    Looks pretty good! Keep the color scheme but you might want to change the fonts- aside from the font Pilsner is in they're all not the quickest read. Also the bend in the ribbons doesnt seem to quite fit the text, and the Pilsner line looks like it could use a nudge to the right.
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    Feedback please, Club Business Card Designs

    Definatley the first one. One thing to keep in mind though is that right now your text is all pretty close and aside from WHALES, it's also close to the same size and in a column. Basicly it means that we dont see any one piece of text as really important, so we dont at a glance read anything...
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    I'd keep the texture but your text needs to be a little clearer- mainly the drop shadow I think is confusing the letterforms. Also the label is a little washed out, I'm not sure what program you are using but in photoshop terms, I'd take a red orange color and put it over the image on, say...