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    CO2 Tank in Fridge or Not?

    Good deal. What do you have your pressure set to?
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    CO2 Tank in Fridge or Not?

    I've converted a minifridge into a kegerator with a twin draft tower on top. With the two kegs there's still room for my CO2 tank. Is there any problems with putting it in there? I'm worried the temp change will effect the regulator and create pressure problems. I really do like the clean look...
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    Keg Conditioning/Carbonating

    Being the impatient noob that I am I decided to go ahead and put them in. I am still curious as to how much they will age while cold but I'll have my answer with time. I guess I may find out how long it takes for the beer to get cold by impatiently tying a bit in a few hours after a long day of...
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    dry hopping/ secondary ferm. question

    I've both dry hopped in secondary and in the keg. I prefer to dry hop in the keg in a little grain ball directly from secondary and then condition for 3 weeks or so before putting on tap. Like beerthirty I leave the hops in until the last beer has been poured. To each his own
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    Keg Conditioning/Carbonating

    I have 2 kegs that I'm ready to drink but they both seem a bit young. I used my counter pressure bottle filler to fill 2 bottles of each brew, Nut Brown and IPA, after work yesterday. They're both really good but seemed a bit flat and young tasting. The NutBrown will have been at room temp for 4...