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    HomeBrew Glasses Giveaway Contest! Enter Now

    free stuff aint bad, can it be sent to australia:confused:
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    get me off the extract!!!!!

    thanks blokes for the advise, i'll be hitting the books this weekend. i think i should have started this one in the beginners forum:)
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    Australian Equiptment Supplies

    anyone know of any equiptment suppliers in australia for secondhand gear.
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    Labels . . . worth the effort?

    i used vinyl stickers, like what people use on the windows of cars, we have a vinyl cutting machine at work so it was free for me. i just have a duggy's brew logo on them with a blank bit on them to write the batch number or beer type with a marker. they have lasted the last 6 brews none have...
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    get me off the extract!!!!!

    this may sound stupid but i havn't done this type of brewing before, but what do the timings mean after the ingredients and 150-154 is that degrees F or C and what is sparge????? i think i'll have to go out and buy a good brewing book. thanks:confused:
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    get me off the extract!!!!!

    it's been below 10C for most of the winter and our heating only heats 2 rooms of the house. and my wife wouldnt let me brew in the lounge room.:(
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    get me off the extract!!!!!

    hi all i've been out of the loop for a while, it's been a really cold winter here in toowoomba, Australia. so i haven't done any brewing for a couple of months. but it's just got back to above 30C again so it's time to brew. i have just put on an extract brew (Morgans Pilsner), but its the...
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    i made some at work. we have a computer that cuts vinyl stickers, like what they use for car decals. i've washed them about 6 times since i put them on and havn't had any problems. my mother used to do it the labour intensive way and lable her wine each batch with the computer printable sticker...
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    low carbonation

    had a bit of a problem over the weekend with my bottles not carbonating. i bottled my morgans pilsner on the 8th may in plastic beer bottles (740ml). i used "coopers carbonation drops" (hard sugar tablet) instead of sugar for the first time . it said to put 2 in each 750ml bottle and i did, when...
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    root beer

    i've never tried an alc version of root beer but am looking forward to making it, but it wont be for a while, i have to go away with work for a month so i'm going to have to wait till i get back:( .
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    primary to secondary chill

    would it be worth making up a rig to chill (REALLY COLD) your beer when transfering it from the primary to the secondary. so it cools really quick. please see attached pic for what i mean, im not the best at discribing stuff. thanx
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    root beer

    thanx for that i'll have to see if i can find those ingredients out here.
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    the world of home brew

    i've noticed the mass majority of people here are from the USA, i just wanted to see what the %'s are for around the world
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    root beer

    when i was a kid i lived in florida for a couple of years, and i loved root beer, but i'm from australia and they dont sell it out here, are you able to brew alcoholic root beer and if so does anyone know the recipe for it?
  15. duggysbrew

    "No Boil" Extract Question from the Brew Babe

    hi I'm still on the kit beers, they're drinkable and a cheap alternative. but i'm sure once i cross the line into proper brewing there'll be no turning back. i am looking forward to adding some hops or somthing to my next kit brew. i've spoke to my local home brew guy and he was going to get...