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  1. duboman

    Illinois 2-Tier Brew Stand and equipment-AG

    Still available, sent you a reply to my pm
  2. duboman

    Illinois 2-Tier Brew Stand and equipment-AG

    System has served me well but I've upgraded, PM if interested or questions http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/for/5316868817.html
  3. duboman

    Illinois 2 Tap kegerator-Chicago Suburbs

    Listed this today on CL, take a look and PM me if interested or have questions http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/app/5316857909.html
  4. duboman

    Chronic Foam Issue

    If the co2 is coming out of solution in the lines then most likely the lines are dirty or there is a leak somewhere. Is it only the commercial kegs foaming. The psi needs to equalize with your system as well. When you have adjusted the various pressures have you bled off the co2 prior to serving...
  5. duboman

    Dry hop causing overcarbonation?

    Did you weigh the sugar or simply measure in a cup? Its possible that if you simply measured in volume they were in fact not equal amounts, measuring to the gram is much more accurate
  6. duboman

    Just curious. How many batches before you're not a beginner?

    Regardless of your experience level you will always find something new to try and revert back to being a nOOb all over again:)
  7. duboman

    Kickstarter for SS Mash Tun, Kettle and Fermenter

    Since they are looking for another $37k within 3 weeks, unless they get a big investor I don't see it. Also, stuff looks nice and well built but a stainless mash run that doesn't take direct heat left me scratching my head a bit. Pricing wasn't clear either. Are the prices listed at 40% off or...
  8. duboman

    Advice on finishing up this hefe fermentation

    Raise the temp and let it finish, keep in mind the lower temps promote more clove and the higher temps more banana. You may already have missed those thresholds for ester development but the warmer temps will promote the yeast finishing up
  9. duboman

    Force carbonating at 10-12 lbs.

    Yes and no. Yes you can set at 10-12 psi and shake but the reality is that until ALL of the beer has fully absorbed ALL of the co2 it will not be ready that quick. I actually use this method because at serving pressure there is no chance to over carbonate the beer. You can continuously shake...
  10. duboman

    Do I have enough yeast?

    Assuming its an 11g pack simply rehydrate it and pitch, you'll be fine
  11. duboman

    Pilsener Help!

    +1 If the hydrometer reading is close to what you expect it to finish at you can let it warm up for a D-rest and let it simply finish, then crash it to near freezing to lager a few weeks
  12. duboman

    Hop sludge when transferring wort—what to do?

    You could also siphon from the kettle to the fermenter like you rack to the bottling bucket, just keep the siphon above the grub layer. Just another idea if you're not keen on simply dumping, either way is fine
  13. duboman

    Bottling beers for long term aging

    IMO the only difference in a bench vs wing is ease of use and speed of bottling, otherwise IME the seal is the same
  14. duboman

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    I'll chime in with a pilsner lagering and a Rye Saison finishing up
  15. duboman

    First Time Kegging

    A new o ring on the dip tube and some keg lube should fix that:)