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  1. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    The package got sold. Danks for everyone's interest. :mug:
  2. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    I just got an offer for the full package, I'll tell him your interested.
  3. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    I should note that the 5 gallon pot wouldn't be great for stove top brewing, because the bottom is a little deformed/not perfectly flat. Perfect for an outdoor burner though, which will be included with it.
  4. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

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  9. Dubcut

    Boston/Mass exclusive!

    Hey guys, new years res, not drinking for a year, so I'm selling off a lot of my brewing stuff to make room for my new wood lathe. This includes: $60 each (4) - ball lock 3 gallon keg (2 are missing a keg post but are fundamentally sound otherwise.) $30 - 5 gallon keg (3/4 full with saison...
  10. Dubcut

    Saison recipe with mash questions

    Definitely my best Saison to date. Not that they're the most difficult beer to make. But that's a good thing.
  11. Dubcut

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Man I got to check the radar, Boston's supposed to get about a foot on sunday
  12. Dubcut

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Bourbon Vanilla Porter (AG)

    This brew has been continually pushed back due to finals for me, but my plan is when it's completely done fermenting is to split it into two three gallon kegs. From there I would add rum to one, bourbon to another, vanilla in both, and pretty much add to taste. Racking on top would only probably...
  13. Dubcut

    This is going to be terrible right?

    man thats a great avatar.
  14. Dubcut

    Saison recipe with mash questions

    Finally kegged this bad boy tonight, midterms and finals pretty much took me out of brewing for a month; still got about a week before I can dedicate a day for brewing... anyways... Took a still sip straight from the tap, quite fine, no cardboard taste to speak of. Wonder if added time on the...
  15. Dubcut

    The Most You've Spent

    I'm worse at the bar with a friend. Especially the pricey beer bars around boston. I've dropped a 200 bar tab between me and a friend, strictly on beer. And yes I staggered out. I actually just went to a great beer store about 30 or so minutes away from me in acton ma called colonial spirits...