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    Getting drunk from home brew

    Oh yeah baby, my first batch was pretty strong, probably in the 5-7% range. I didn't measure it ahead of time to find out for sure. One 22oz bottle and I can "feel" it. A second and i'm happy-happy-happy... I love this stuff. It's hard to drink beer that isn't homebrew anymore.
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    Bad news...good news

    Yup... By buying a FORD :D :D Seriously though, very glad to hear you are ok.
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    Labeling bottles

    I design my using Gimp and print them on full sheets of Avery #5124. This fit my 22oz bottles just right.
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    What's your ride?

    Just to throw my ride onto the thread... The source of my name ;-) I just wish I could drive it to work more... But 45 miles each way and 2.89/gallon for diesel, it just doesn't happen very often...
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    New Label Designs

    Very Cool!
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    also - just got off the phone with my pops, he recommened cooling it down a bit because the fermentation temp is probably too high. Stands to reason as it's a few degrees hotter today then it's been. So I dropped a 1 gallon ice jub in the tub of water I use with the fementation to help cool it...
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    Thanks guys! I cleaned out the airlock. I don't really have a good way to do a blowoff line as I don't have a racking cane. The airlock was pretty gunked up. I'll probably clean it a few more times as the few seconds it took me to clean it up and resanitize it was already foaming up through...
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    J. Knife

    You need to be a paid member to have an "avatar"...
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    J. Knife

    Don't forget about the rodents... There's a reason every farm in the world has cats galore. You can't keep rodents out of feed. You want that, or more specifically, what's left behind, in your brew/body? Hmmm You might be able to do SOMETHING about it. Remember tortilla factories are...
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    Ok - I brewed a hefeweizen last night, so about 24 hours into fermentation the activity is insane! This is a bucket fermenter, I can see "stuff" on the lid of the fermenter and the water in airlock is discolored and it's foaming out of the top of the airlock. It obvious the wort has...
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    Brew II

    The first batch is awesome... It will be interesting to compare the same recipe when I have a carboy to do a secondary ferment. Should be better after a few more days in the bottle to condition a bit more. Also got a hydrometer reading on the hefe, 1.049, right on the mark.
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    Brew II

    ian - you and me are pretty much on the same schedule. I'm brewing up my second batch right now - a hefe... Although i was able to open up my first couple bottles today as we bottled last week... Good luck. Love the name!
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    Hey thanks man! Yeah - that's been the favorite for most. My wife likes the other one better. Thinks it's less "cluttered"... I did 6 bottles in the one she likes and rest are in mine ;-)
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    This was pretty much just a standard pale ale recipe with some extra malt... On the second bottle right now while i'm brewing my second batch, a hefe...
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    Hehehehe... Yeah - we'll see how many are gone by tomorrow!