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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Small batch of Janet's Brown after a 2 year brewing hiatus. Nice to back in the game.
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    5 gallons of SMASHed Abby 2 row, Hallertau Wyeast Abbey Ale II
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    Thoughts on Ideal Brewing Software

    +1 BeerSmith had this prior to 2.0.
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    Corny kegs for fermennting?

    I've probably done a dozen batches in cornies. Use some fermcap, remove the gas post and slip some tubing over the threaded post and attach an air lock, you'll be fine. Do it once or twice and see how it works for you. The down side for me was cleaning the keg when done. Getting all that trub...
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    Hot Plate for Brewing?

    My guess is that a small electric burner or hot plate won''t be any better than the stove. I've done extract partial boils (2.5 gal) on our glass cooktop with no trouble. So you might want to try the stove with a small batch first.
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    POLL: What type of fermenter do you use?

    Cornnies for primary, better bottles for the occasional secondary and / or aging.
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    Stir plate help

    I had similar problems and gave up on speed control altogether. Instead I take a cloth table napkin or dish towel. Fold it in 1/2 and place it on top of the stirplate. Set the flask on top of the towel. If the magnet still gets thrown fold the cloth in 1/2 again. With a little practice &...
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    Wyeast question

    I work from the position that 1) it's always better to over pitch than under pitch 2) if you can brew a beer you can make a starter 3) it takes little in the way of equipment to do starter and (even a stir plate is a relatively simple build compared to some of the stuff that home brewers come...
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    Wyeast question

    Here's what you do: 1. get your self a clean 2 liter bottle sanitize it with starsan. 2. boil 1500 mil of water 3. Add 150 grams of Dme 4. Boil 15 min 5. Chill to 68 f 6. CAREFULLY pour wort into sanitzed bottle (use sanitized funnel) 7. Do the same with yeast 8. Cover bottle with...
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    Cranberry Trippel ?

    Actually, i still have the beer in secondary. Have been procrastinating on bottling. Anyway I was thinking of dry hopping. Any thoughts on an initial amount?
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    Parenting FTW.

    I think it's mostly luck
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    Parenting FTW.

    My daughter is 8 1/2. She earns her TV time by practicing her math & she earns her allowance by doing chores. She's not much for computers but I will definitely use this when she starts with facebook. Lucky for me we only have one, I don't see her unionizing...
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    Kit suggestion for a Bud Light drinker (wife)

    Another approach might be a Blue Moon clone. Have her try the commercial version, if you get the 'thumbs up' poke around, I'm sure there's an extract recipe on HBT or the interwebs. Dave
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    airlock bubbled for less than a day

    When you start to worry, have a beer, if you finish that beer and are still worried, have another. Repeat as necessary, you'll be fine...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Moat Mountain Iron Mike Pale Ale, Moat Mt. Brewery, New Hampshire.