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I'm nothing to look at. Just a regular guy, ex-husband, father of two girls, teens, working too much, needing to do too much, great girl friend, down to one dog and trying to be down to no cats (unsuccessful thus far).
I have been teaching since the late 70's, became a chiropractor in the 90's and still do both. I'd love to be back full time teaching with a bit of land, a large garden, a small building dedicated to brewing, cooking and food storage, a home swimming pool, and a riding lawn mower. Always wanted a riding lawn mower. And maybe a couple of cows, a couple of pigs, some chickens and a smart dog.
I enjoy a couple of beers a day (a bit more on weekends), a couple of smokes a day, 3 - 4 good hard workouts per week (had to quit playing racquetball - it was breaking me down), cooking meats various ways but like the veggies better and am a true carb lover. Starches rock! But then, so does gravy. OK, food rocks.
I can keep it under 200 if I try or get sick. I
Sep 23, 1956 (Age: 64)
State / Province
Chiropractor and instructor at a local Community C