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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Very little anymore. When I was getting started I found BYO & Zymurgy engaging. I relied upon HBT to help visualize new equipment builds and capture some best practices on how to assemble my own brewing equipment. I transitioned from those to a lot of books and academic literature...
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    Distillation equipment

    I use a 240/5500 Blichman BrewEasy setup with the 30gal pots for brewing. 2x Ferminators mounted in upright freezers for fermentation. I went through 3 separate brewery set-ups before settling on my current brewing setup, and wish I had made the appropriate investments early. Is there a way...
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    another pump question

    Can you post a link to the pump you use or a similar model and provide some comments on how your system performs? Thanks.
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    True Gdm10 conversion to fermenter

    I recently converted a T-19F and I simply replaced the installed analog thermostat with the STC 1000. Chasing the wires took more time than expected, but after identifying a common and the power in, it was pretty simple. I used a segment of an outdoor extension cord for the hot side and...
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    Pro & Cons of Conicals

    As the owner of 5 carboys, numerous buckets, and now two SS conicals; I offer the following as the primary advantages of the conical: 1) Trub settles into the bottom and has a reduced surface area that contacts the beer. That combined with the ability to dump the trub, negates the need to...
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    Colorado GABF tickets (Fri pairing and/or Sat night) @ cost

    I have the following tickets to the Great American Beer Festival for sale. I am asking only to cover the ticket cost + $1.00 to cover the ticketmaster fee. 2x tickets to the Friday evening Paired / Farm to table tickets ($146/ea) Tickets are digitally transferable via ticketmaster upon...
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Saq's The Pious Westvleteren 12 Style Quad Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit. WIN WIN WIN!
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    Coldbreak Brewing HERMS Giveaway!

    Sign me up.
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    Easy & Cheap Stainless Vent Hood

    Would one of you please elaborate on how you cut the hole in the bowl? Did you use any special technique to get a clean, round cut, or did you just drill a hole and use a jig saw to cut out from there? **Disregard, the dremel tool got the job done nicely**