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    1/6 barrel with sankey coupler

    Thanks for the suggestion but I already have some regular Sankey couplers lying around that I would prefer to use. If I have to, I'll purchase the low profile coupler but the price is a bit steep if you ask me.
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    If I was just starting out, I would go with these kegs

    I'm sure there will be skeptics but that looks like a great option for those starting out. It's nice that there is more variety instead of searching for cornies.
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    1/6 barrel with sankey coupler

    I want to do something similar using a MFL fitting and my existing setup. Can you comment on how tall the Sankey coupler is with this fitting and tubing? My minifridge-turned-kegerator is 28" and I'd like to get 1/6 barrels if possible to fit. I hate that life has become too busy for me to...
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    A-style "Slider" Keg Coupler

    I'm looking for an A-style "slider" keg coupler that is used for German kegs such as Spaten (as well as other beers). It looks like this: Please PM if you have one lying around collecting dust.
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    kegerator stuff for sale

    I have some American Sanke taps that I'll trade for the two perlicks. PM me if you're interested and I can get you some pics. I'll also do cash or any combination of cash/taps if that's preferred. Btw, your inbox is full.
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    eBrewSupply - Electric Brewing Hardware Opening Soon

    I would like a coupon please! Thank you in advance.
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    Fridgidaire 7.2 CU FT Keezer - Perlic 525SS

    Are you going to try to make a kegerator with more or less taps? I've always thought of a keezer as an upgrade mostly due to the number of beers you can have on tap. I'm curious why you're going from keezer to refrigerator (besides the reasons you already mentioned). It sounds like a very...
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    Portable keg dispenser

    For anyone interested, the 618 area code looks to be in southern Illinois. This is definitely overpriced and well used. I thought the inside of my kegerator looked bad.
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    Corny Kegs on eBay (Not mine)

    Generally you'll want to pressure test them. Also, it never hurts to have some extra poppets on hand as well as pressure relief valves. This is assuming that they're in good shape otherwise you could need new posts. Luckily, all of these pieces are readily available from most online homebrew...
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    Corny Kegs on eBay (Not mine)

    That's true if you're buying from a commercial vendor. All of my kegs came from craigslist for much less than $20 each. In fact, most ex-homebrewers in the area seem to sell them for $25. I don't mind waiting for the next deal. I'm glad to hear that this is a reputable vendor. Sounds like...
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    Corny Kegs on eBay (Not mine)

    Not bad but I'm looking for the <$25/keg deal. While buying directly from this guy is probably mutually beneficial (no eBay fees, cheaper), anyone electing to go this route should realize you're not covered by eBay's buyer protection program. In other words, if it arrives defective, you're SOL.
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    WTB: eBay Temp Controller (STC-1000 110V)

    I just ordered a second one from "skiesmall360" for ~$22 shipped. It took 14 days to get to me. Make sure you specify 110V when you purchase, no matter who you end up purchasing from.
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    Corny Kegs on eBay (Not mine)

    Wow, wish I was in Florida to get some locally.
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    Barley Crusher w/ 7lb Hopper $80 shipped - Ebay - Not Mine

    Wow, great finds. That's a sick deal on the barley crusher.
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    10 Perlick 425SS faucet/shank assemblies

    Yeah...I really shouldn't. Thanks though. I'm sure these will go quickly. GLWTS.