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    Amarillo Summer Ale 3.8% Grain to Glass Video

    New grain to glass video out on my YouTube channel! This time a low ABV Amarillo summer ale at 3.8%, perfect for those hot summer days. Hope you enjoy the video, Cheers DrHans
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    Spruce Tip Beer

    I made a spruce tip beer from spruce tips and hops from my garden. If you haven´t tried this give it a shot. I made a simple recipe to let the spruce tips shine in this beer. Hope you guys enjoy the video, cheers DrHans
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    3 ways of brewing non alcoholic beer that could be interesting for homebrewers

    Kicking off a brand new mini-series on the channel. All about brewing alcohol-free beer. This first video is about the 3 ways of brewing alcohol-free beer that I think is most interesting for us homebrewers. What are your thoughts on and or experience with brewing non-alcoholic beers?
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    Floating beer pickups with filter for kegs and pressurized fermenters etc

    New video out on my YouTube channel! A few years back I was sent the Cask Widge from one of my viewers. A simple floating beer pickup with a filter. Thank you again John Smith It has been seen in several of my videos and I've really enjoyed using it in different ways. Now when I successfully...
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    Cereal Beer Grain to Glass Video

    Thank you so much, shell come around :D
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    Cereal Beer Grain to Glass Video

    Warning!! This video is a bit long, some people get very offended by that! One of my bucket list beers is finally made. I made a beer from my favorite childhood cereal Start. Cheers and stay safe!
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    Cloning my hops from the cuttings!

    I decided not to eat my hop shoots from the cuttings this year as last year. This year it´s time to do some hop cloning to get more hop plants!
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    Mandarina Bavaria SMASH

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    The Quest for the Perfect session NEIPA!

    I found that carbing session beers a little more than normal helps out. Now this is not a very low abv beer of course.
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    Grain to Glass video of my latest Kolsch!

    Back with another Kolsch video - This time its A grain to glass video of my Kolsch Brewed with my homegrown hops. I also need to get back to what a Kolsch is and what a Kolsch isn´t. Hope you guys enjoy it / Cheers DrHans
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    No Chill Brewing and why I dont’t use a Cube for No Chill beers

    This video is all about No Chill brewing! In this video, I'm talking about why I don't use a cube for no chill brewing. What is the benefit of no chill and why I don´t recommend using a cube in most scenarios. What you have to think about regarding your hop schedule and clear beer. How are you...