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    Beer in a Bag + Engine.

    Yes! please keep us informed on the home brew bags...not that I am afraid to use the one you already have...perhaps ill keep my skeeter pee in it????
  2. DrDuckbutter

    Austin Home Brew ! ! !

    i dabble in many different online stores, i was just wondering if Austin is "the best" based on the shipping and their prices?? i usually buy local myself..
  3. DrDuckbutter

    Austin Home Brew ! ! !

    is Austinhowbrew like totally the best for prices and either the free shipping over $100 or the $7.99 flat rate?? i'd LOVE to buy locally, but its almost as if my LHBS just orders from AHB, then marks it up 10-15% and sells it to me... Everything at the LHBS is always just close enough in...
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    Revolutionary plastic Fermentation Information

    based on this chart, it seems logical that #2 plastics are the best of the plastics...and im sure that someone will argue that plastic is O2 permeable, but then whats to say: 1) the bung on your glass carboy is air tight? 2) that the amount of O2 entering your wine/beer is significant to...
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    Revolutionary plastic Fermentation Information

    I have decided that no one can factually tell me if a recycle # of 1, 2, 7 or even a plastic garbage can bearing no symbol will in fact kill me before my liver stops...I think it is safe to say that fermenting, primary, secondary, long term storage can be achieved in almost anything... If a milk...
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    Skeeter pee 1 gallon?

    i just went to Walmart....yes i was the most attractive man like the brad pitt of walmart.... anyway, i spent $28.50 for the 3 lemons and 7 bags of sugar.... and i got Montrachat at LHBS for $2 a pack.... and i just recently purchased all the listed chemical additives for...
  7. DrDuckbutter

    cold Crashing and Hefe

    when making Hefeweisen, pre-bottling/kegging, would you want to cold crash? or does that defeat the purpose of a hefe?? thanks Brian
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    did you use 100% juice or the high fructose type ocean spray loves to sell?? thanks
  9. DrDuckbutter

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    9922.5 + 6 more = 9928.5 happy saucing
  10. DrDuckbutter

    Hefe....need some info...

    the orange blossom honey was not for orange flavor...just to jazz it up a tad and bee a little different...i'm silly with the honey...Silly... and the MEad is allready in the works...Thanks.... also, i am exceiting for my first batch of apfelwein to be done in 2 weeks... i'll show you...
  11. DrDuckbutter

    Hefe....need some info...

    i really wanted to make a hefe/belgian wit hybrid (really just taking the 2 seperate recipes and taking some from each to make a mixed beer) but my buddy sent my this recipe for a hefe that he likes to make...when i make brews i normally use more grains (partial mash) like in the 2-4 lbs...
  12. DrDuckbutter

    Hefe....need some info...

    Hello, wanted to make a hefeweisen...first time...i am under the impression that in theory i could whip up a batch in less than 3 weeks (kegged) 7-10 days of ferment and 3-5 carbonating, since you technically do not have to wait for it to clear like other types of beers... is this a correct...
  13. DrDuckbutter

    Crash cool...How and why and where and who?

    so gelatin makes particles (non yeast?) fall out of suspension? or denatured proteins, etc... now if you used irish moss or whirfloc in the boil would it still be advantagous to use gelatin in the secondary or is that overkill??
  14. DrDuckbutter

    Crash cool...How and why and where and who?

    can someone explain "adding gelatin", how much? and do you add it when you crash cool? and what is the best way to add it (dry, or mixed with water?) thanks
  15. DrDuckbutter

    Crash cool...How and why and where and who?

    so i could just keg it, then let it "crash cool" for a few days then hook up the co2?? thanks