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    Hoppy Belgian Quad

    Hello everyone, Been quite a while since I posted anything here, but I am seeking some guidance for a Belgian quad recipe. BACKSTORY: An acquaintance of mine, who was a huge craft beer and home brew fan, passed on this past November due to a rare form of bile duct cancer. In consulting her...
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    100% wheat

    BIAB all the way bro! I swear by it because I love brewing with wheat.
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    Brown Ale Feed Back

    I prefer more brown malts, less caramel. Looks interesting!
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    Your hop reco for Rye IPA

    I once brewed a British RyePA with Admiral and Bramling Cross hops. It was nicely bittered with some currant flavors and aromas alongside the classic rye spice. Just a thought!
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    Rye porter, thoughts?

    UPDATE: At a gravity reading I took a taste: smooth roasted flavors, some earthy spice from the rye, some dark fruits (think cherry, raspberry, red delicious apple). Very malty, more malt forward than roasted flavors. Overall, great stuff and I cannot wait to bottle this later in the week.
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    Pre-Prohibition Lager

    Hey everyone! I have never done a lager before, mainly because I have not had a basement or knowledge that California lager yeast ferments warm! The main idea/inspiration behind this brew is to get my brother-in-law (who mainly drinks Bud Light) out of his comfort zone. Instead of doing a Bud...
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    Rye porter, thoughts?

    You will get said report, thank you for the feedback! I want the rye to be subtle, not in your face, as this beer along with two others will be Christmas gifts to friends and family, some of whom are not craft beer aficionados. My main idea here is to get people to open their minds to how...
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    Rye porter, thoughts?

    My water reading that was taken in February before I bought the house (yeah we needed water testing for arsenic, which btw there's a bit of in the water, not deadly mind you...) did not include bicarbonate. I'm really just experimenting at this point with water profiles and stuff especially with...
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    Rye porter, thoughts?

    Calcium: 55.50 ppm Sulfate: 14.50 ppm Magnesium: 2.50 ppm Chloride: 52.00 ppm Sodium: 14.00 ppm Bicarbonate: 0.00 ppm PH: 7.50 This is the base water profile, I was aiming for a London profile in Beersmith, which is below Calcium: 52.00 ppm Sulfate: 77.00 ppm Magnesium: 16.00 ppm...
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    Rye porter, thoughts?

    Hello everyone! Man, it has been a long time! New house, new challenges = no time for brewing. But, I want to run this recipe by you all and see what you think. I'm really not too worried about style here, just filed it under "American porter" because it seemed more American than British...
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    Vienna Malt

    I have found Vienna at 15%-25% (max) works well. It gives a nice grainy flavor that plays nicely with the 2-row. I did a red IPA with Vienna malt and German hops and it turned out very well, very different!
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    Classic Style Smoked Beer Cougar Bait Smoked Amber Ale BIAB

    Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 4.59 gal Post Boil Volume: 3.65 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 3.00 gal Bottling Volume: 2.78 gal Estimated OG: 1.053 SG Estimated Color: 14.5 SRM Estimated IBU: 28.2 IBUs Brewhouse Efficiency: 63.75 % Est Mash Efficiency...
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    Hops for IPA

    I did an IPA with Calypso, Citra, and El Dorado. It was very tropical and fruity with some nice bitterness as well. My next IPA is going to be one that has your three C (Cascade, Chinook, Columbus) hops plus Calypso. I'm all about mixing new hops with old ones.
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    Hops for IPA

    Columbus or even Calypso (I like Calypso, a lot) would work here. Calypso is more stone fruit (pear, apple) than anything but it has a nice floral and subtle citrus bite to it.
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    Suggestions for a winter beer?

    Congrats on the baby (the wife and I are expecting our second in three weeks!). Here's a thought: if your wife is planning on breast-feeding, stouts or dark beers have been proven to improve lactation. So, my recommendation would be a stout or porter of some sort, maybe even a sweet stout.