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    Wit Yeast Discussion

    I agree. I think if you can brew a Hoegaarden clone, do a "Pepsi Challenge" with a seasoned Hoegaarden drinker who won't notice much difference between the two, then you are a pretty damn good homebrewer. Very hard beer to nail down IMO.
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    hops growing during drought conditions.

    Your plant is probably done for. I'd dig up you rhizome and cut a piece off, if it's bone dry it's cooked. You can also take a piece out and put it in a jar of water in a sunny area of your house, if it starts budding then it's ok. I have a 3 year old Mt. Hood here in Linden, NJ and...
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    Water Test Report - Linden,NJ

    Any thoughts on what type of beer is best suited for this water without any mineral additions?
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    mash tun

    +1 BIAB. You could even forego the bag and use a colander or strainer of some sort.
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    Anyone used a bucket heater?

    You can easily make your own heatstick with probably less money but more wattage. Here's mine. I still use it for heating mash temps. Can take 5 gallons to a slight boil in about 30 min from 70F.
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    2 Beers you never heard of

    A 12% lager is definitely out of the box. You gotta love the bravado though.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Fantastic. My favorite new beer. Slightly malty, crisp but not too crisp, very subtle esters with creamed corn undertones. True to style and a perfect representation of the style.
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    The Twelve Hopostles

    It's a joke. Relax man.
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    2 Beers you never heard of

    Not a wimp just a) not that into high abv beers b) I haven't been drinking a lot lately so my tolerance is nil and 12% would knock me off my ass c) I mainly bought this as novelty item. I will eventually sample it though I doubt it will even be drinkable. Pulling off a 12% abv beer...
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    The Twelve Hopostles

    Awesome idea and labels though I'm not sure it will go over in the Jewish community:mug:
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    2 Beers you never heard of

    At 12% abv I'm afraid to try.
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    2 Beers you never heard of

    Mediocre is putting it kindly. If you want a lesson in skunked oxygenated beer this would be a good place to start. There's a reason why most breweries shy away from green and, most especially, plastic bottles. After taking a sip I would welcome a Bud Light and for me that's saying a lot...
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    Compiling my brewing bible
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    2 Beers you never heard of

    - #2 is in a plastic bottle